Tall Ironweed

(Vernonia gigantea)

Tall ironweed

Leaves Flowers
tall ironweed leaves tall ironweed flowers

Growing habits: Erect, warm-season perennial herb

Root anatomy: Fibrous roots from fibrous taproot and rhizomes

Leaf anatomy: Alternately arranged, lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, tapered at both ends, margins finely serrated, midrib white, soft trichomes near midrib, glabrous on leaf top

Reproduction: Around 12-30 florets on spreading head inflorescence, involucre short-cylindrical to bell-shaped, disk florets red-violet color, 5-lobed, ovate to oblong purple-tinged bracts

References: Weeds of the South by Charles T. Bryson and Michael S. DeFelice