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Private giving helps ensure that Clemson University’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences (CAFLS) can provide the highest standard of education in the classroom, engage students in creative and meaningful ways and support faculty in their scientific endeavors as top scholars and researchers.

Donors can create, sustain, and enhance existing programs and new opportunities within the college by providing support for students, faculty, facilities, alumni programs and other critical needs of the college. The College’s Office for Development provides professional guidance to public/private partnerships allowing your gift to be designated to the area of your choice. The office also offers assistance for CAFLS faculty and staff.

*Gifts should be made payable to the Clemson University Foundation (the private gift repository for Clemson University) and designated for the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences. You may also make an online gift today and designate it for specific endowments, scholarships, fellowships, funds, and other programs in our College.

To show your support or for more information, please contact:

Tyler Cornwell
Director of Development and Unit Lead
110 Daniel Drive
Clemson, SC 29631

Margaret Owens
Executive Director of Development
110 Daniel Drive
Clemson, SC 29631

Kim Arp
Director of Development
110 Daniel Drive
Clemson, SC 29631

Beth Schneider
Associate Director, CAFLS & PSA Programming
120 McGinty Court
101 F Barre Hall

Jessica Ann Campbell
Administrative Coordinator
110 Daniel Drive
Clemson, SC 29631