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Organizational Information

College Leadership


Greg Yarrow , Acting Dean

Paula Agudelo, Associate Dean for Research and Director of Experiment Station

Matthew G. Interis, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Thomas Dobbins , Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement; and Director of Clemson Cooperative Extension

Organizational Charts

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Unit Leadership

Public Service and Agriculture (PSA)

Clemson Public Service and Agriculture (PSA) is a state agency comprised of four units: Clemson Experiment Station, Clemson Cooperative Extension, Livestock Poultry Health, and Regulatory Services. Clemson PSA safeguards the health and safety of livestock, poultry and companion animals and protects the food supply and public health of South Carolinians through its Livestock Poultry Health division, while PSA’s Regulatory Services division ensures the safe, effective use of fertilizers and pesticides, and the quality of seeds and plants grown in the state and conducts programs that prevent agroterrorism. Clemson PSA works collaboratively with Clemson’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences for research and outreach through the Clemson Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service. Clemson PSA outreach and research facilities also include the Clemson Experimental Forest and South Carolina Botanical Garden, and a host of centers and institutes whose missions support and advance South Carolina’s agribusiness and forestry industries while also developing solutions to sustainability manage the state’s natural resources.

Livestock Poultry Health

The role of Clemson Livestock Poultry Health (LPH) is to protect animal health through control of endemic, foreign, and emerging diseases in livestock and poultry and to protect the health of S.C. consumers by providing a comprehensive inspection service to ensure that meat and poultry products are safe, wholesome and accurately labeled. LPH serves as South Carolina's animal health authority, state meat and poultry inspection department, and the state's veterinary diagnostic center in fulfilling its role.

beef cattle grazing

Regulatory Services

Regulatory Services protects the state from exotic and invasive species, ensures that pesticides are used safely, regulates the structural pest control industry, verifies that fertilizer and lime meet standards and labeled guarantees, conducts programs for seed and organic certification, provides diagnosis of plant pests, and ensures readiness to respond to a catastrophic event impacting the state's agriculture.

close up of an asian longhorned beetle on someone's finger


gloved hands holding a test tube and pipette

Greenwood Genetic Center

A partnership with the Greenwood Genetic Center allows graduate students to conduct basic research in human genetics. Physicians and scientists at Greenwood direct the research in collaboration with Clemson faculty from the Department of Genetics and Biochemistry.

Greenwood Genetic Center
cardboard can packaging sample from Sonoco Products Company

Sonoco Products Company

Sonoco Products Company has funded the purchase of equipment for the Sonoco Packaging Science Laboratory, provided funding for packaging science scholarships and employed undergraduate packaging students as co-ops and interns.

Sonoco Products Company
grocery store worker holding a bag of packaged cheese


Cryovac endowed a chair in packaging science and provides adjunct faculty for both packaging science and food science. Cryovac employs many Clemson graduates from all three departments and also hires undergraduates as interns and co-op students.

pine forest

Pate Foundation

The Wallace F. Pate Foundation for Environmental Research and Education at DeBordieu in Georgetown supports coastal teaching and research activities through the S.C. Agriculture and Forestry Research System at Clemson.

The Pate Foundation
College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
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