Patricia Layton

Professor of Forestry
Director, Wood Utilization + Design Institute
Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department

Office: 321 Harris Smith Building, Cle
Phone: 864-505-5904


 Educational Background

Ph.D. Forest Genetics
University of Florida 1985

M.S. Forest Genetics
Texas A&M University 1978

B.S. Forest Management
Clemson University 1976

 Courses Taught

FOR 4080 Wood and Paper Products
FOR 2540 Forest Products
FNR 4900 Field Training in Natural Resources


Dr. Patricia A. Layton, Ph.D., Clemson, SC, Is the Director of the Wood Utilization + Design Institute and a professor Forestry. She is the former Director of the School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences (SAFE Sciences) (2010-2014) at Clemson University. She came to Clemson University in late 1999 as the Chair of the Department of Forest Resources. In 2003 she was chosen to lead the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources.

Before joining Clemson University, she was a Senior Director with the American Forest & Paper Association where she represented the industry in the area of recycling, life cycle analysis, sustainability, and energy.

Prior to that Pat was a Manager at Scott Paper Company, where she developed new forestry and marketing initiatives, including playing a vital role in the development of the American Forest & Paper Association’s Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program. While at Scott Paper, Dr. Layton served as the forest policy and technical lead on all of Scott Paper’s international forestry investments and opportunities.

 Research Interests

Development of southern yellow pine cross laminated timber

 Extension and Outreach

Expanding the Use of Wood Products in SC


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