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Animal and Veterinary Sciences Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Matias Aguerre Assistant Professor 864-656-3120
Ahmed Ali Assistant Professor 864-656-4026
Jason Allen Student Services Manager 864-656-3162
Erin Amiss Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant 804-937-1845
Gracie Anderson Graduate Teaching Assistant
Mireille Arguelles-Ramos Assistant Professor 864-656-6969
Joseph Bertrand Professor 864-656-9596
Glenn Birrenkott Professor 864-656-4019
Richard Bruner Adjunct Professor 864-654-2088
Robert Buresh Adjunct Professor 864-633-8633
Steven Chambers Histology Core Technician 8646564020
Richard Delorme 864-506-3135
Susan Duckett Professor 864-656-1505
Christina Eddy Adjunct Associate Professor 864-414-9026
Julia Gentry Farm Manager 508-364-0821
Annel Greene Professor and Center Director 864-656-3123
Michelle Hall Professor Emerita 864-885-2197
Matt Hersom Professor and Director, Piedmont Research & Education Center 352-871-6307
Larry Hudson Emeritus Professor 864-639-6931
Tom Jenkins Emeritus Professor 864-653-0315
Alexa Johnson Graduate Teaching Assistant
Jeryl Jones Professor 864-656-2142
Gustavo Lascano Associate Professor 864-656-1745
Nathan Long Associate Professor
Dana McCurdy Ph.D. Candidate
Stacey Miller Administrative Coordinator I 864-656-3428
Richelle Miller Kleman Senior Lecturer
Boyd Parr Adjunct Professor
Brittany Perron Graduate Teaching Assistant 864-533-0871
Scott Pratt Professor 864-656-3135
Charles Rosenkrans, Jr. Department Chair 864-533-2240
Patty Scharko Extension/ field veterinarian 803-726-7803
Mary Schultz-Rathbun Program Coordinator I 864-656-3554
Liliane Severino da Silva Assistant Professor, Forages Specialist 352-871-5830
Atif Seydim Adjunct Professor
Zeynep Seydim Prof
Chelsea Sinclair Lecturer
Lauren St. Clair Student Services Coordinator 864-656-2143
CheyAnn Strasinger Lab Specialist
James Strickland Professor of Nutritional Toxicology
Kristine Vernon Professor 864-656-4028
Yubo Zhang Adjunct Assistant Professor

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