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Erika Hwang

Graduate Instructor of Record
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department

Office: 147 Poole Agricultural Hall



Educational Background

Ph.D. Animal Science
Clemson University

M.S. Agriculture
Clemson University 2023

B.S. Animal Science
Clemson University 2018

Courses Taught

GTA - Horse Care Techniques, Fall 2022
GTA - Equine Behavior and Training, Fall 2022
GTA - Advanced Equine Management, Spring 2023
GTA - Principles of Animal Nutrition, Summer 2023
GTA - Contemporary Issues, Summer 2023
GIR - Horse Care Techniques, Fall 2023
GIR - Equine Evaluation, Spring 2024
GIR - Equine Livestock Exhibition, Spring 2024


Erika is a native of Columbia, SC in Lexington County. She attended Clemson University earning a Bachelor's Degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences. Erika previously served as the Lexington County 4-H Agent for Clemson Extension and enjoys programs dealing with animal science education, spending time at the horse farm, and traveling with family and friends. During her time as an extension agent, Erika started her Master's Degree in Agricultural Sciences. Erika is currently working on her Ph.D. in Animal Science under Dr. Kristine Vernon.

Research Interests

My primary research interests are related to equine exercise physiology. I am expanding upon previous research that has been conducted investigating Conjugated Linoleic Acid supplementation and its role in inflammation caused by orthopedic disease. I will be using an exercised horse model and measuring various biomarkers, monitoring changes in gait, and utilizing ethograms. I have also conducted research related to burnout within the Clemson Cooperative Extension Service to analyze factors contributing to burnout and generational cohort differences in burnout recognition.


Hwang, E., Eck, C. J., Layfield, K. D., & Vernon, K. (in review – Submitted 1/12/2024). An
Assessment of Clemson Cooperative Extension Agents’ Perceptions of Work-Related Factors Leading to Burnout. 2024 National AAAE Conference, Manhattan, KS.
“4-H Healthy Movers Curriculum”. Clemson Cooperative Extension, Land-Grant Press by Clemson Extension; 2022 Feb. LGP SC4H.
Shaw, K., Hwang, E., McCarter, A., Vernon, K. (2021). Perceptions and Participation in Virtual 4-H Horse Project Programming in South Carolina.

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