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Matt Hersom

Professor and Director, Piedmont Research & Education Center
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department, Piedmont Research and Education Center

Office: 101 Ag Services Bldg
Phone: 352-871-6307



Educational Background

Oklahoma State University 2002

M. S.
Iowa State University 1999

B. S.
Iowa State University 1995


Administrative oversight of the Piedmont REC. Piedmont REC is approximately 4,700 total acres, it encompasses animal and agronomic production research facilities: Beef, Dairy, Equine, Poultry, Sheep, and Aquaculture Units; Restorative Agriculture Farm, Simpson Station; Musser Fruit Research Center; Organic Farm; and Cherry Farm. Responsibilities include develop and implement a strategic plan for the REC; coordinate resource use with faculty, staff, and students; and serve as supervisor to the farm managers and support staff. Establish collaborative relationships, maintaining and advancing strong research programs, and engaging with external partners and stakeholders’ groups important to each of the operational farms.

Research Interests

Current and past research areas addressed the needs of the beef cattle industry. Research emphasis includes development of strategic nutritional and supplementation programs to optimize beef cattle performance utilizing forage and roughage-based diets, evaluation of calf production and growing practices to improve animal performance in integrated beef production systems, and determination of physiologic factors affecting nutrient utilization in beef cattle.

Extension and Outreach

Extension and Outreach interest areas addressed expanding education experiences in beef cattle nutrition, implementation of optimal supplementation strategies for cow-calf production, increasing the understanding of the relationship of forage quality, cow nutrition and reproduction, development of increased weaned calf value to the producer, and educating law enforcement about animal production and well-being.


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