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Tom Jenkins

Emeritus Professor
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department

Office: 117 P&A bldg
Phone: 864-653-0315



Educational Background

Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemistry
Cornell University 1979

MS Animal Nutrition
Penn State University 1975

Animal Science
Penn State University 1973

Courses Taught

Ruminant Nutrition
Nutritional Bioenergetics


Fellow and Lifetime member of American Dairy Science Association
President of JDN Consulting, Inc

Research Interests

Basic and applied research of lipid metabolism by the rumen microbial population.


BOARD-INVITED REVIEW: Recent advances in biohydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids within the rumen microbial ecosystem. J. Anim. Sci. 2008. 86:397–412.

Technical note: Common analytical errors yielding inaccurate results
during analysis of fatty acids in feed and digesta samples. J. Dairy Sci. 2010. 93 :1170–1174.

Docosahexaenoic acid elevates trans-18:1 isomers but is not directly converted into trans-18:1 isomers in ruminal batch cultures. J. Dairy Sci. 2011. 94 :4676–4683

Effectiveness of potassium carbonate sesquihydrate to increase
dietary cation-anion difference in early lactation cows. J. Dairy Sci. 2012. 95 :3919–3925.

Changes in fermentation and biohydrogenation intermediates in continuous cultures fed low and high levels of fat with increasing rates of starch degradability. J. Dairy Sci. 2016. 99:6334–6341.

A 100-Year Review: Fat feeding of dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 2017. 100:10061–10077.

Short communication: Field study to investigate the associations between herd level risk factors for milk fat depression and bulk tank milk fat percent in dairy herds feeding monensin. J. Dairy Sci. 2018. 101:1–8.

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