Michelle Hall

Professor Emerita
Small Poultry Flock Specialist
4-H Youth Development Program Team, Livestock and Forages Program Team, Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department, Animal Health Programs

Office: 198 Melissa Drive. Walhalla, SC 29691
Phone: 864-885-2197
Fax: 864.656.3131

Email: mahall@clemson.edu

 Educational Background

PhD Meat & Animal Science
UW-Madison 1982

MS Poultry Science
UW-Madison 1977

BS Agriculture
UW-Madison 1975

 Courses Taught

AVS Senior Seminar
Animal Health
Animal Processing and Products
Processing Techniques
Poultry Evaluation and Judging
Poultry Techniques


Small Poultry Flock Specialist. Small Flock workshops, National Poultry Improvement Plan Blood tester and trainer, 4H Poultry Projects which include Pullet Chain, Showmanship, Avian Bowl, Poultry BBQ, Embryology, Egg Preparation and Demonstration, Poultry Judging. Other interests include poultry and meat processing and products. FFA Poultry Judging. Currently serve as a committee co-chair for National Poultry and Egg Conference, Avian Bowl Contest. Serve as chair for Poultry Hall of Fame Awards for the American Poultry Historical Association. Currently working on an on-line small flock course with Dr. Julie Helm, Mr. Lee VanVlake and Mrs. Amber Starnes.

 Research Interests

Small Flock
Poultry Processing
Game Birds

 Extension and Outreach

National Poultry Improvement Plan blood testing workshops.
Currently working on a on-line course on Small Flock Management
Small Flock workshops on production and processing
International work with US AID Farmer to Farmer program
4-H and FFA poultry Programs
Participate in e-Xtension webinars for Small Flock Producers