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Matias Aguerre

Assistant Professor
Animal and Veterinary Sciences Department

Office: 120 Poole Agricultural Center
Phone: 864-656-3120



Educational Background

Ph.D. Dairy Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison 2011

MS Dairy Science
University of Wisconsin-Madison 2004

Agricultural Production Engineer
Universidad Catolica Argentina 2000

Courses Taught

AVS 2030/2031 Dairy Techniques (Spring)
AVS/PES 4230-6230 Field Crops-Forages (Spring)
AVS 4500 Sustainability of Livestock Systems (Fall)
AVS 4910 Undergraduate Research Experience (Fall-Spring)
AVS 8220 Special Problems

Research Interests

The overarching objectives of my research program are:
Improve nutrient use efficiency in livestock production systems through novel (e.g. low lignin alfalfa, BMR forages, and cover crops), greater and more efficient use of high quality forages in livestock diets.

Although some scientific literature have shown that Jerseys may convert feed resources to milk components more efficiently than Holsteins, our knowledge about nutrient requirements of Jerseys and other breeds is incomplete. Thus, identifying differences in forage requirements and overall nutrient utilization efficiency between different breeds (e.g. Holstein vs. Jersey) is an area of considerable interest to increase the efficiency of milk production. In particular, I am interested in determining how changes in dietary forage concentration and type (i.e. corn silage, grasses, and legumes) affects lactation performance, nutrient utilization and excretion, between different breeds.

The outcomes of the proposed research activities will contribute to improving the efficiency of forage utilization by livestock (conversion of feed N and C into milk and meat) and reduce the release of labile C and N to the environment due to the inefficiency of production (conversion of feed N and C into animal waste). In addition, it will help protect air, water quality, and reduce consumers concerns about the environmental impact of animal production (e.g., carbon footprint of milk, and N-related water and air quality pollution from dairy farms).


Toledo, M., S. Hussein, M. Pena, M. Aguerre, W. Bridges, G. Lascano. 2024. Effects of caffeine when mimicking rumen fermentation and nutrient digestibility of a lactating cow using a continuous culture system. (Under review)

Singh, J., A. B. Koc, M. J. Aguerre, J. P. Chastain, S. Shaik. 2024. Estimating Bermudagrass Aboveground Biomass Using Stereovision and Vegetation Coverage. (Under review)

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