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Kathryn MacDonald

Emergency Preparedness
Office of the State Veterinarian

Office: 500 Clemson Rd., Columbia, SC
Phone: 803-726-7801



Educational Background

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Master of Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Biology Sciences


Dr. MacDonald's primary focus is to support the security and resilience of South Carolina's agribusiness industries and food supply chains by managing the multiple legally mandated emergency preparedness and response roles of Clemson University Livestock Poultry Health (CULPH) and by providing outreach services.

During governor-declared emergencies, Dr. MacDonald leads and coordinates the state’s disaster response activities related to agriculture and animals (Emergency Support Function 17), which is a shared mission between multiple state agencies. The Emergency Support Function 17 team works to ensure coordination of statewide resources needed to support the citizens of South Carolina and protect and secure the state’s agricultural assets, food supply, food safety, public health, and economy. The state’s Emergency Operations Plan is an all-hazards plan encompassing a range of natural (e.g. hurricanes and pandemics) and technological/man-made (e.g. radiological accident) disaster incidents. Between disasters, she leads and coordinates emergency planning efforts, outreach, and training between the state agencies involved in food and agricultural industry support activities.

As the state animal health regulatory agency, CULPH assists in the prevention of animal diseases that threaten South Carolina’s livestock, poultry, public health, and food supply chains. During disease outbreaks within livestock or poultry, CULPH works with other partners to contain, control, and eliminate the outbreak. Dr. MacDonald plays a leadership role to help coordinate response activities between the State Veterinarian, other CULPH subject matter experts, state agency partners, federal partners, and private industry.

Dr. MacDonald also serves in regional and national capacities such as:

- Southern Agriculture & Animal Disaster Response Alliance (SAADRA); Co-chair
- National Food and Agriculture Sector Government Coordinating Council (US Department of Homeland Security)
- National Training and Exercise Program Committee (Veterinary Services, US Department of Agriculture)


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