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International Student Employment

We are excited to have you join us in the ECE Department!   

This page contains important information that is pertinent to your employment within the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, please read it carefully. You can view an overview of the employment eligibility and new hire steps on the International Services' Graduate Assistants page.

You must be here by the first day of classes.

Brand new International Students to Clemson University and Payroll:

Prior to your first day of work, you will need to meet with the graduate student services coordinator in 102-A Riggs Hall to obtain your employment verification form and provide your new employee data sheet

As a new international student, you are permitted to enter the US no earlier than 30 days prior to the start of your academic program at Clemson University. In general, we recommend that you try to arrive at least 15 days before the start date. Per the department, returning employees are required to arrive on campus by the first day of classes.  If you are having difficulties getting to campus by the first day of classes, you must communicate with the graduate student services coordinator and the international services office regarding your situation. If you are unable to get here by the first day of class, you will have to defer until the next term, and we can’t guarantee that funds will be available for you.

The following contains important information pertinent to your NEW employment – please read it carefully. As an international student you will have to have a Social Security card to work.  If you do not have one, we will provide you with an employment verification for your F-1 Visa to begin the process to work. There are several steps that need to take place in order to get you on payroll and ultimately, be eligible to work.

  1. SEVIS Check-IN via the iSTart Portal, Make sure you are enrolled in 9 credits.
  2. You must check-in with Missy Cappelen, ECE Payroll Coordinator in 102C Riggs Hall and to obtain your Employment Verification Form
  3. You must take that Employment Verification Form to the International Services office in 108 Long Hall.
  4. Once you have met with them & the form is signed, you will have to go to the Anderson SC office of Social Security to apply for your SSC.  Prior to the Fall terms, the SSC representative will be here, so be on the lookout for those dates.
  5. Once you have received your receipt from the SSC office, you will have to meet with the international employment coordinator in HR to complete the payroll process at the ASB Building on Perimeter Road.

 *Depending on your arrival prior to semester, these steps may vary.

Steps for scheduling an appointment after you have obtained your SSC receipt/card or if you already have a SSC.

  1. New Employees must schedule an appointment using our online scheduling tool. When scheduling the appointment, please enter the reason for the appointment (new hire, rehire, reverification, etc.) in the Notes section.
  2. An email confirming the appointment will be sent to the employee via email from ( The employee should read the confirmation email carefully, as it contains important information regarding the documents needed for the appointment.
  3. Prior to the appointment, new hires will also receive an email message containing a link to the Foreign National Information System (FNIS). As part of the hiring process FNIS aides the International Employment office with information which will be used for the verification of employment, and application of U.S. tax withholding and reporting.

Examples of documents the employee should have with them for the meeting:

  • Unexpired foreign passport
  • Current form I-94 from
  • U.S. Social Security card, or SSA receipt letter indicating the application for a SSA card has been approved
  • Form(s) I-20 if F1 visa
  • Form(s) DS 2019 if J1 visa
  • Employment Authorization Card (if F1 OPT, J2 visa, L2 visa, Temporary Protected Status, etc.)
  • Form I-797 with I-94 attached (H1B, TN, O1, etc.)

If you have any questions, please contact International Employment (