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Estimated Costs

Clemson Hydrogeology Field Camp

Clemson Hydrogeology Field Camp

All undergraduate students pay in-state tuition!

Below is a list of approximate costs. Food costs are not included -- students from last year estimated $300-$500 depending on your appetite and preferences on cuisine.

   (6 hrs undergrad - $631/hr) $3786
   (6 hrs grad (non grad assist.) - $631/hr) $3786
   (6 hrs grad assistant) ~$1050
Fees $200 lab fee  (grads only)
Equipment (bought by you) ~$100
   (Clemson, 40 nights) ~$950
   (Mammoth Cave, KY; Knoxville, TN) covered by deposit
Cave tour tickets (optional) $25-$60

More details about Lodging and meal plans can be found at: