Materials Characterization Instruments

Discovery Series Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

The Discovery DSC represents the latest innovation from TA Instruments. Building on the Tzero® technology, the Discovery DSC introduces innovative Diffusion-Bonded Sensor technology. The Discovery DSC provides unmatched precision, accuracy, industry-leading sensitivity and resolution. Tzero Technology provides the flattest baselines, and highest combined sensitivity and resolution of any DSC available. The Discovery DSC provides unmatched precision, repeatability and accuracy of heat flow and temperature measurements, while maintaining industry-leading sensitivity and resolution. The Discovery DSC delivers the highest sensitivity for a diverse range of heat flow transitions, across a wide range of experimental scanning rates. The result is the highest level of sensitivity for your materials, under any experimental condition.

Discovery Series Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)Specification Value
Temperature Range -180 –725 °C
Temperature Accuracy ±0.025 °C
Temperature Precision ±0.005 °C
Enthalpy Precision ±0.04%
Heat Flow Noise (rms) ≤0.08 μW
Baseline Linearity (-50°–400 °C) ≤5 μW
Baseline Accuracy(-50°–400 °C) ±20 μW
Baseline Repeatability (-50°–400 °C) ±5 μW
Direct CpAccuracy(-50°–400 °C) ≤3%
Direct CpPrecision (-50°–400 °C) ≤1%
Direct CpRepeatability (-50°–400 °C) ≤1%

Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA Q5000 IR

The Q500 is the world’s #1 selling, research-grade thermogravimetric analyzer. Its field-proven performance arises from a responsive low-mass furnace, ultrasensitive thermobalance, and efficient horizontal purge gas system with mass flow control. Excellent for low-level detection of impurities, kinetic studies,off-gas analysis, and for high heating rate operation. Its design integrates a thermobalance engineered for maximum baseline flatness and high sensitivity, with the power and flexibility of an infrared furnace, and a proven horizontal purge gas system. The Q5000 IR surpasses other models with its new infrared furnace that offers the widest range of linear (0.1 to 500˚C/min) and ballistic (>2000˚C/min) heating rates from ambient to 1200˚C.

Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA Q5000 IRInstrument capabilities:
Dynamic Range 100 mg
Weighing Accuracy +/-0.1%
Weighing Precision +/-0.01%
Sensitivity < 0.1 μg
Signal Resolution 0.01 μg
Temperature Range Ambient to1200 ˚C
Isothermal Temp Accuracy+/-1 ˚C
Ballistic Heating >2000 ˚C/min
Linear Heating Rate 0.1 to 500 ˚C/min
Hi-Res TGA™ and Modulated TGA™
Sample Pans: Platinum 50, 100 μL, Platinum-HT, 100 μL, Ceramic 100, 250 μL, Aluminum 80 μL,
Aluminum Sealed Pan 20 μL

TA Instruments DSC 2920

DSC provides important information that can be used to characterize materials, design products, select the best materials for a specific application, predict product performance ,optimize processing conditions, and improve quality.

Specific measurements made by DSC include:TA Instruments DSC 2920

  • Glasstransitions
  • Meltingpoints
  • Crystallization time and temperature
  • Percent crystallinity
  • Heats of fusion and reactions
  • Specific heat and heat capacity
  • Oxidative stability
  • Rate of cure
  • Degree of cure
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Purity
  • Thermal stability

Instrument capabilities:
Temperature range -150 ˚C to 500 ˚C
Temperature Accuracy : ±0.1°C
Temperature Reproducibility (: ±0.05°C
Programmable Heating Rate: 0.01 to 200°C/min
Maximum Sensitivity: 0.2 μW Calorimetric Precision: ±1%
Quench cooling of the sample

TA Instruments TGA 2950

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) measures the amount and rate of change in the weight of a material as a function of temperature or time in a controlled atmosphere. Measurements are used primarily to determine the composition of materials and to predict their thermal stability at temperatures up to 1000°C. The technique can characterize materials that exhibit weight loss or gain due to decomposition, oxidation, or dehydration. It is especially useful for studying polymeric materials, including composites, but also is widely applicable to other organic materials, such as lubricants and edible oils, and to a wide range of ceramics, metals and other inorganics.

TA Instruments TGA 2950What TGA can tell you

  • Composition of multicomponent systems
  • Thermal stability of materials
  • Oxidative stability of materials
  • Estimated lifetime of a product
  • Decomposition kinetics of materials
  • Moisture and volatiles content of materials

Instrument capabilities:
Temperature Range: Ambient to 1000°C
Weighing Capacity (max): 1.0 gm
Sensitivity: 0.1μg
Balance Accuracy: ±0.1%
Heating Rate: 0.1 to 100°C/min in 0.01°C/min increments
Nitrogen or air purge gas selection, switchable during run
Carbon black content determination