Congratulations Scholarship Winners

2021 Cherry Braswell Rutland Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Alexis DavisAlexis Davis
Major: Architecture
Class: Sophomore

“It is with great pride that I accept this award. Ethics has always played a huge role in how I live and experience life. I am extremely thankful to the Rutland Institute of Ethics for the opportunity that I have been given. It is a good feeling to know that my interpretation of ethics and ethical decision making has enabled me to continue my studies at Clemson University.

My experiences at Clemson have taught me many things about becoming a leader. One of those things being: you can not be a true leader without being ethical. It is my hope that this idea becomes more common, so that one day we can all live in a brighter, fairer, and more ethical society.”


2021 J.T. Barton, Jr Memorial Ethics Award Winner

CHANGE logo CHANGE Student Organization

Creating Habits and Norms Guiding Ethical Decisions (CHANGE), was established at Clemson University during the Spring 2019 semester. CHANGE serves to create ethical programming at both the university-wide and college-specific levels through bringing in speakers and hosting activities that focus on exposing students to real-life applications of ethical decision-making and ethical leadership. In addition to programming initiatives, CHANGE assists in hosting Clemson University’s Annual High School Ethics Case Competition in the spring; publishes the Ethics Editorial newsletter that highlights various aspects of the Rutland Institute for Ethics; serves as the student voice of the institute, advisory board and faculty; and assists in promoting Annual Ethics Day.