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The Rutland Institute is proud to partner with faculty members who support our mission and vision. 

Joan Dubinsky

 Joan DubinskyMs. Joan Dubinsky offers over 30 years of professional experience in organizational ethics, compliance, and responsible business conduct. She is a leader in the global business ethics movement, having served as the chief ethicist for several leading international organizations and corporations, including the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, BAE Systems, Inc., and the American Red Cross. Ms. Dubinsky helps organizations maintain an ethical organizational culture amidst the diversity and complexity of their operations. Ms. Dubinsky’s portfolio includes ethical leadership, program effectiveness, provision of confidential advice, retaliation protection and prevention, whistle blowing, asset and interest disclosure systems, and ethical risk assessment. Read more about here work and her ethical reflections for the institute below.


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Luke Rapa

 Luke RapaDr. Rapa's research rests at the intersection of developmental and educational psychologies. Broadly, Rapa studies how contextual, sociocultural, and sociopolitical factors--including socioeconomic disadvantage, structural constraints, and societal inequality--shape key developmental and psychological processes and promote or constrain adolescent's development and academic success. More specifically, Rapa's program of research examines (1) how adolescents critically analyze societal inequities and develop the motivation and agency to redress such inequities, or develop "critical consciousness"; (2) how youth navigate structural constraints or marginalizing systems (e.g., institutional racism, discrimination, stereotypes in school) to achieve academic success and well-being; and (3) how social identity threats shape development and how and social-psychological interventions can bolster academic performance and promote well-being.


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