Clemson University Real Estate Foundation Board of Directors and Committees

The CUREF Board of Directors is made up of members representing three categories of membership—elected, appointed and ex-officio.  

Elected directors are constituent leaders in the real estate industry who have been nominated, reviewed by the nominating committee, and elected by the Board. The Board has within its membership elected directors who serve four year staggered terms.

Appointed directors are appointed annually by the Clemson University Board of Trustees and by the Chair of the Clemson University Foundation serving for one-year terms.

Ex-officio directors are elected by the board annually.

Current Board Members

Christopher J. Perri – Davidson, NC
George J. Bullwinkel III - Charleston, SC
Daniel B. Pattillo, Jr. – Atlanta, GA
F. Bogue Wallin – Greenville, SC

CU Board of Trustee Appointments:
David E. Dukes - Columbia, SC
Mark S. Richardson – Charlotte, NC
William C. Smith, Jr. - Columbia, SC
Stephen F. Hutchinson. - Charleston, SC
Jonathon P. Weitz - Charleston, SC

Ex-Officio Directors:
G. Graham Segars, Jr. – Hartsville, SC
John S. Whitaker – Atlanta, GA
Anthony E. Wagner—Clemson, SC

Corporate Officers:
Jason M. Przybyla- Assistant Secretary & Assistant Treasurer
Laura H. Stoner – Assistant Secretary
Deborah C. Newsom - Treasurer
April S. Purvis - Secretary
TBD - President & CEO


Stephen F. Hutchinson – Committee Chair
Christopher J. Perri - Vice Chair
William C. Smith, Jr.
F. Bogue Wallin
John S. Whitaker*
CUREF President & CEO*

Finance and Audit Committee
Christopher J. Perri - Committee Chair
Mark S. Richardson
Jonathon P. Weitz
Christopher J. Perri
F. Bogue Wallin
George J. Bullwinkel III
Stephen F. Hutchinson*
Anthony E. Wagner*
Deborah C. Newsom*
CUREF President & CEO*

Nominating Committee
Daniel B. Pattillo, Jr. - Committee Chair
Mark S. Richardson
William C. Smith, Jr.
Jonathon P. Weitz
G. Graham Segars, Jr.*
April S. Purvis*
CUREF President & CEO*

* denotes a non-voting committee member