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Timberlands Legacy Program Committee

TLP Advisory Committee Mission Statement

The Advisory Committee of the Timberland Legacy Program, established by the Clemson University Real Estate Foundation (“CUREF”), provides direction and recommendations to the CUREF Board of Directors for the acceptance and management of revenue-generating properties in the form of forestland or the rights to standing timber which are donated to CUREF. The primary purpose of the Advisory Committee is to prudently review each possible donation, approve the management plan for all possible property donations, and recommend properties for acceptance. The Advisory Committee will do this while maintaining the standards which have been set in place according to the CUREF By-Laws and Code of Conduct along with the Timberlands Legacy Program Acceptance Procedures.

TLP Committee Members:

Mitchell S. Scott – Allendale, SC – Chair
William M. Rhodes – Charleston, SC – Vice Chair
William P. Cate – Columbia, SC
Christopher C. Pearce IV  – Winston Salem, NC
Robert R. Scott – Columbia, SC
Bartow S. Shaw, Jr. – Sumter, SC
Ronald L. Summers – Orangeburg, SC
James B. Thompson – Greenwood, SC

Ex-Officio Members:

Harrison F. Trammell – CUREF President and CEO
Jason M. Przybyla – CUREF Manger of Real Estate Operations
Patricia A. Layton – Director, Wood Utilization and Design Institute

Students benefiting from Timberlands Legacy Program