October 2020 Global Ambassador: Foster Kangben

October 2020 Global Ambassador

Full Name: Foster Yambout Kangben

Hometown & Home Country: Jilig & Ghana

Mother Language: Bimoba

Field of Study: Plant and Environmental Sciences

Interests: Cotton Research

Favorite Quotation: Better days are coming.

Biggest Surprise Since Coming to the U.S.: Long hours of daylight

What I Miss Most from Home: Wife, Family, Friends and Church

What I Enjoy Most About Clemson: Course instructors are welcoming and open-minded.

How Clemson Has Enriched My Life: In my few weeks at Clemson, I have made new friends from diverse backgrounds and I am optimistic in the ensuing years, my circle of friends and associates in academic, professional and social life will broaden.

Ambassador in Action: I brought some artefacts from home which I shared with some new friends and my host.

Advice for CU International Students & Scholars: Let us be good ambassadors of our countries and make the best of our time here.

  • September 2020 Global Ambassador: Youwei "Adam" Xing

    September 2020 Global Ambassador

    Full Name: Youwei “Adam” Xing

    Hometown & Home Country: China

    Mother Language: Chinese

    Field of Study: Economics

    Interests: Tennis
    Biggest Surprise Since Coming to the U.S: 1) How sweet a dessert can be. 2) How easy a door can be opened using just a credit card. 3) How often receiving emails from professors, department chair, and president of the university. I never receive any email from the chair and president of my alma mater and seldom from professors.
    What I Miss Most from Home: My family, my friends, and my fiancée
    What I Enjoy Most About Clemson: Clemson is a tightly knit community with the perfect size. You are isolated from the rest of the noisy world, but there are always activities going on campus and there are always scenically attractive natural areas you can explore around.
    How Clemson Has Enriched My Life: 1) The lakes, the waterfalls, the nature, and the hospitality of people in Clemson inspired me try to be more friendly to everyone in my life, to be more positive and enjoy life. 2) I gained knowledge about economic intuitions and researching capacity from the amazing faculty and students from economic department.
    Ambassador in Action: I do not think I am suitable ambassador for my country, but I am trying my best to rationally digest and discuss news and actions between China and the U.S. Objective, rational voices are we need in defining China-U.S. ties.
    Advice for CU International Students & Scholars: Be enthusiastic about things around us. Be positive in the uncertain world. Be engaged in Clemson family. Join English Connection!

  • August 2020 Global Ambassador: Moazzam Nazir
    August 2020 Global Ambassador
    Full Name: Moazzam Nazir

    Hometown & Home Country: Islamabad, Pakistan

    Mother Language: Urdu

    Field of Study: PhD in Electrical engineering

    Interests: Community involvement, reading, blogging, travelling

    Favorite Quotation: “Education is a slow-moving but powerful force. It may not be fast enough or strong enough to save us from catastrophe, but it is the strongest force available for that purpose and in its proper place, therefore, is not at the periphery, but at the center of international relations.” J. William Fulbright.

    Biggest Surprise Since Coming to the U.S.: I am profoundly surprised by cultural diversity of the U.S and hospitality of locals towards the internationals. Every place I have visited so far has something exciting to offer leaving me enthusiastic to discover more.

    What I Miss Most from Home: I miss my family, food and gatherings on cultural events the most.

     What I Enjoy Most About Clemson: The Clemson University has faculty and students from all parts of the world. This has provided me an opportunity to learn global cultural values in addition to sharing my own culture; the major objective of the Fulbright cultural exchange program being carried by me. I am also impressed by the professionalism and friendly attitude of faculty towards the students that helped in ameliorating my knowledge and developing long-term relationships that would be helpful towards my future research endeavors.

    How Clemson Has Enriched My Life: I am among the few students who got the opportunity to live for a substantial amount of time both at the main campus and the Clemson University Restoration Institute (CURI), North Charleston. This provided me an opportunity to work in both an academic and professional work environment. I have developed strong relationships at both places, and I am excited to act as a bridge between the two campuses. I have made wonderful memories so far and look forward to the opportunities that await me during the rest of the time at this prestigious university.

    Ambassador in Action: I am the vice president of Pakistan Cultural Association (PCA), Clemson University aimed at disseminating the cultural values of Pakistan on the myriad of events that include First Friday parade, international festival and awareness week. Being a Fulbright scholar, I am blessed with the opportunity to join innumerable social gatherings aimed at sharing of global cultural values among people from various nations.

    Advice for CU International Students & Scholars: There are numerous volunteer opportunities at the Clemson University either through joining a student organization or via community engagement, which is a great tool for developing leadership, communication, and team-work skills. Effectively utilize your stay at Clemson University by contributing in building a vibrant culture that blends and strengthens academic and professional development and supports the cause of quality education for all.