Fothergilla: 'Mount Airy'

Mount AiryLatin name: Fothergilla ‘Mount Airy’
Common name: Fothergilla ‘Mount Airy’
Flowers: White, showy, fragrant flowers12
Fruit: Inconspicuous16
Height & Width: 5’ x 5’12
Type: Deciduous shrub12
Habit: Upright12
Wetland indicator category**: NA17
Texture: Medium16
Growth rate: Moderate16
Light: Full sun to part shade12
Moisture: Medium12
Soil*: Medium, pH 5-612
Zones: 5-812
Origin: Southeastern United States16

Features: Fothergilla is a highly desirable plant in landscapes due to its abundant blooms in spring, full foliage in summer, and vibrant colors of orange, red and purple in the fall. This cultivar was discovered at the Mt. Airy Arboretum by Michael Dirr. This species is typically larger but otherwise unchanged from the other variety of Fothergilla in this garden12. It may be a cross between F. gardenii and F. major.

Siting: These plants perform well in medium moisture and well-drained soils. They prefer full sun be will survive in part shade. Acidic soil is preferable with plenty of organic matter12.

Care: Plant crown at soil level18. At planting, water the roots and surrounding area slowly and deeply. Keep soil moist until plant is established, then apply enough water to thoroughly moisten the root zone when the soil is dry or during drought. Modify water recommendations to reflect site drainage and rainfall. Apply 3” of mulch over the planted area. Do not allow mulch to touch the plant stems18.

Pests: Plants are relatively pest resistant if cultural preferences are met.

Alexander Smolka

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