Muhlenbergia capillaris: Pink Muhly Grass

Pink Muhly GrassLatin name: Muhlenbergia capillaris
Common name: Pink Muhly Grass
Flowers: Showy12
Fruit: Not noticeable
Height & Width: 3’ x 3’12
Type: Perennial ornamental grass12
Habit: Upright grass12
Wetland indicator category**: FACU17
Texture: Fine textured basal foliage12
Growth rate: Medium12
Light: Sun to light shade12
Moisture: Very drought tolerant12
Soil: Well drained soil does well in hot dry sandy sites1
Zones: 6-912
Origin: Western-central United States12
Features: Airy inflorescence often colored pink purplish red, purplish gray dries to a light buff; dark green glossy leaves. Excellent winter interest ornamental grass, flowers remain pink into November.12

Siting: Belongs in well-drained soils because it is very drought tolerant, also does well in sandy soils. Should be planted in mass to create a statement in the landscape, does well in edging and borders as well as centerpieces.15

Care: Plant in suitable site with adequate soil organic matter so that the crown of the plant is at the soil surface.18 Ensure the soil is adequately moist immediately after planting. Keep soil moist but not soggy until plant is established. Once plant is established water deeply but infrequently whenever the soil surface is dry or almost dry 2” below the soil surface.18

Pests: Plants are relatively pest resistant if cultural preferences are met.12

Author: Whitney Blue Fraser
Editor: Alexander Smolka

Sources 1-18 found on Sources page