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Jim Potter

Jim Potter Research Engineer
Ph: (864) 283-7213
Fax: (864) 283-7225
4 Research Drive
Greenville, SC 29607

Jim received his Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan in 1992. His career has been focused on the development of automatic transmission controls, working in both advanced and production level engineering programs. Jim started his automatic transmission career at GM Powertrain in Ypsilanti Michigan in 1988 working on the first generation of electronically controlled automatic transmissions. In 1992, after receiving his Master’s degree, he was transferred to GMs’ advanced development group, where his focus was in predictive control algorithms to modify shift strategy based on driver behavior, elimination of shift busyness and fault tolerance controls.

In addition to passenger car and light truck experience, Jim also worked with construction equipment for John Deere, where the focus was the design and development of electro-hydraulic controls at the vehicle level; including steer-by-wire, ride control and traction control.

In 1999, Jim was hired by Ford Motor company to development controls focused on fuel economy and performance of the hybrid systems for both advanced and research level projects. During this time, Ford was working closely with the EPA on hydraulic hybrid projects, along with mild and full electric hybrid systems. His responsibility included the production release of the hybrid Escape, from concept-to-program approval.

Jim was also involved with the cooperative effort between GM, Chrysler, Daimler and BMW in development of the two-mode hybrid system. In this role, Jim supported the controls and calibration for the BMW X6 hybrid from concept-to-production. At ZF, Jim was the manager of the controls department supporting the North American passenger car and light truck applications of the 8HP and 9HP transmission customers in regard to transmission diagnostics, tuning and mechatronic systems.