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PhD Program - Curriculum

Students in the ESED doctoral program will be exposed to the wide breadth of STEM education research under current investigation as well as be prepared to interface between the development of new theories in STEM education and the implementation of new research findings in practice. Students who enter the degree without a master's degree in a STEM discipline will take 18 hours of coursework in a single STEM discipline. All students will take 18 or more hours of coursework in discipline-based education research courses.

Engineering & Science Education Ph.D. Sample Curriculum:

Required Courses

  • ESED 8000 - Seminar in Engineering and Science Education (1 Credit)
  • ESED 8100 - Orientation to Engineering and Science Education (1 Credit)
  • ESED 8400 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Research in STEM Education (3 Credit)
  • ESED 8620 - Practicum in Engineering and Science Education Research (1 Credit)
  • ESED 8710 - Foundations of Research Methods in Engineering, Science, and Mathematics Education (3 Credit)
  • ESED 9700 - Advanced Research Methods in Postsecondary STEM Education (3 Credit)


18 credits are required for the dissertation: ESED 9910 - Dissertation Research and Writing (1-12 credits each)

A full description of the requirements and policies for the ESED Ph.D. program can be found in the ESED Graduate Student Handbook.