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PhD Program - Admissions


All students admitted into the program must have at least a Bachelor of Science degree in a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) discipline from a college or university that is acceptable to Clemson University, with preference being given to those who have completed graduate studies (masters level or higher) in a STEM discipline. Those who enter the program with a STEM Bachelor of Science degree must take 18 credit hours at the graduate level in a single STEM discipline (i.e., mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, etc.). Thus, the program is designed for students who are content specialists in a STEM discipline who seek to pursue discipline-based education research. Students will be admitted into the Ph.D. program in Engineering & Science Education in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

Important Note for international students and students on a fellowship or assistantship: University guidelines require you to be enrolled in a minimum of 9 (nine) graduate credits for fall and spring and 6 graduate credits for summer that are Traditional or Hybrid/Blended (AAA) to meet visa, fellowship, or assistantship requirements; and to qualify for health insurance. Most ESED Certificate classes are classified as Hybrid/Blended, except for ESED 8240 Teaching Postsecondary STEM through E-Learning, which is delivered as an asynchronous class (AAC). If you enroll in ESED 8240, be sure to have enough other credits, including research credits, to meet the requirements of your visa, fellowship, assistantship, and to qualify for health insurance. International students may consult with the international office for further guidance.

How to Apply

Students interested in applying to the ESED doctoral program must be accepted to the Clemson University Graduate School. Application information and forms can be found on the Graduate School website. International students are welcome to apply and must meet Graduate School requirements for TOEFL and GRE scores.

The deadline for applications for the Ph.D. program for full consideration for admission and funding is December 1 of each year. There will be a second round of consideration for any remaining places in the incoming fall cohort starting February 1.

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