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Faculty, Staff & Student Awards

Faculty Awards

Byars Prize Award

Requirements, in order to be eligible for this award, is that the teacher had to teach at least nine semester credit hours of engineering fundamentals course, as well as being appointed by their fellow faculty, students, and alumni.

Recipient 2018: Dr. Ashley Childers

Other Awards

  • Board of Trustees Tiger Teammate 2019: Tina Fiori

Student Awards

Student Assistant of the Year Award

The Student Assistant of the Year is truly the cream of the crop of the General Engineering student workforce. They have served the department long enough and demonstrated consistently high levels of work ethic, pleasant attitude, and initiative that sets them apart from those who were named Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant or Outstanding Student Assistant.

Recipient 2020: Abby Stephan


Past Recipients

  • 2019: Za'Cori Ross
  • 2018: Joe Davis

Outstanding Student Assistant Award

This award goes to Student Assistants who not only excel in their work but show a good work ethic for the work they do for the General Engineering Department.

2021 Recipient: Josh Wood


Past Recipients: 


  • Kat Clark


  • Caroline Bales
  • Maggie Elpers
  • Karenna Smith
  • Past Recipients


  • Tyler Clay
  • Za'Cori Ross
  • Evan Straub

Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award

This award is given to Undergraduate Teaching Assistants or UTA's that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help students in class or when a UTA was particularly helpful or impactful during the evening UTA hours. This is our way of recognizing them for their outstanding work. Visit the UTA Tutoring page for more information.

2021 Recipients:

  • Quinn Heck
  • Josh Coleman
  • Rachel Burger
  • Sarah Bartro
  • Anna Buck
  • Cassidy Smith
  • Emily Cross

Past Recipients:


  • with distinction- Quinn Heck
  • Ryan Cook
  • Hannah Morilak
  • Sarah Bartro
  • Noah Snyder
  • Elizabeth Turner


  • Zach Clemets
  • Chase Harmon
  • Scott Rowe
  • Connor Staudmyer
  • Jill Weinstein


  • James Jolly,
  • Brock Stephan
  • Scott Rowe
  • Emily Cross
  • Ryan Gilbert