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Advising Information for Engineering Students

Students interested in pursuing an engineering major begin in the first-year General Engineering program. This provides students an opportunity to explore various engineering fields while getting sound academic preparation for engineering study. After exploring majors and completing introductory requirements, students can declare their intended major.

All new engineering students, including transfer students, are admitted into the General Engineering program.

General Engineering Essentials

  • CH 1010 - General Chemistry (4)
  • ENGL 1030 - Composition and Rhetoric (3)
  • ENGR 1020 - Engineering Disciples and Skills* (2)
  • ENGR 1410 - Programming and Problem Solving** (3)
  • MATH 1060 - Calculus of One Variable I* (4)
  • PHYS 1220 - Physics with Calculus I (3)

* Alternative courses may be required by a department or satisfy the requirement. Please review your major or consult an advisor.

** CHE 1300 option for Chemical Engineering

- MATH 1080 - Calculus of One Variable II (4) Industrial Engineering requirement only

- Must earn a C or higher in all GE core courses.

The minimum cumulative grade-point average is 2.00 unless otherwise stated by the major. Some majors specify a higher minimum grade-point average or additional requirements.

  • Biomedical 2.5
  • Civil 2.6
  • Mechanical 2.6
  • All others*

- Please view the department website of the intended major for qualifications.

Upon completion of the core courses and requirements of the intended engineering degree program, engineering students can then initiate a Change of Academic Program request through iROAR.

Students admitted into an engineering degree program will follow the curriculum in effect at the time of admission into General Engineering unless otherwise approved by the specific department.

Enrolled students who wish to change from a non-engineering major into any engineering major must first change their major to General Engineering. Students cannot change directly into a degree-granting engineering major.

Requirements to obtain approval to change their major to General Engineering:

  1. Make an Explore General Engineering appointment in CU Navigate to meet with the GE advisor
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher

Meet the Advising Team

All new engineering students are assigned to a professional academic advisor in our Advising Center. These caring individuals will work individually with students to develop academic, personal, and career goals.

In addition to helping select classes each term, students can schedule an appointment with an advisor throughout the year. Topics include such things as how to get involved, study abroad, and address difficulties with classes.

The Advising Team is located in Sirrine Hall, 2nd Floor. The General Engineering Advising Center’s hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. The best way to get in contact with your Academic Advisor is through email.

Preparing for Preregistration Advising

Pre-registration advising typically begins in mid-September and mid-January. Currently enrolled General Engineering students will receive an email from their academic advisor at least 6 weeks prior to registration informing them to schedule an advising appointment. Students must have a pre-registration appointment in order to register for courses.

Step 1

review requirements

Review Requirements

To check your progress toward a degree, please use the tool, Degree Works. 

Degree Works

IMPORTANT: Please complete all pre-advising forms requested by the advisor.

Step 2

schedule appointments online

Schedule an Appointment

Look for an email from your advisor on how to schedule your pre-advising appointment. Bridge students have advising opportunities throughout the semester at both Tri-County and Clemson.

Additional Appointment Services

The General Engineering Advising Center advisors are here to meet with students throughout their time in General Engineering. All students are required to meet with their advisors at least once a semester for pre-registration advising. Outside of pre-registration advising, there are a variety of other appointments students can make through CU Navigate.

These additional appointment reasons include:

  • Explore General Engineering
  • Forgiving a Course
  • General Advising
  • ROTC Form Completion
  • Credits Earned From Another School

Schedule on the Go

To keep everything organized, download the app Navigate Student. You will be able to see upcoming deadlines and events, view career options, sync class schedules, plus schedule an appointment with an advisor.

apple itunes download   google play download

Selecting a Major

Curriculum worksheets comprise a list of courses required for a particular program or major. The worksheets are broken down into academic years and semesters. This is a general guide to support students on the track toward degree completion.

Select the links under Curriculum to view coursework by the program. The Program Department column will allow you to explore each department's site.

Events and Academic Opportunities

Multiple opportunities are available to learn about engineering majors and careers. Attend one of our events, classes, or take on a project with a major focus to delve deeper into what makes each engineering discipline unique.

family weekend gathering

Meet the Majors

At our annual fall event, meet department representatives and hear students talk about their experiences in each program.

This event provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the different majors within CECAS. Students will meet department representatives, as well as senior students and ambassadors. Upper-level students will talk about their experiences and how to navigate through the program.

Engineering 1000

This one-credit introduction to the engineering majors seminar occurs in the Fall and Spring semesters. You will learn information about the engineering profession, best student practices, and potential career paths. Invited presenters and faculty will provide lectures and demonstrations. Pass/No Pass only.

Creative Inquiry (CI) is the imaginative combination of engaged learning, cross-disciplinary interactions, and undergraduate research unique to Clemson. Team-based investigations are led by faculty mentors and typically span a year or more. Students take on problems that spring from their own curiosity, from a professor's challenge, or the world's pressing needs around them.

Oyster and Freshwater Mussel Restoration

BE 4990 - 003  

The amount of oyster reefs on the coast of South Carolina has decreased at a high rate due to overharvesting and development. As reefs play a large part in the growth of oyster larvae, this project looks at ways to help nature replenish habitat by designing structures for oyster spat attachment.

Deep Learning and Big Data

ECE 1990 - 018 

There is a computer scientist behind the scenes of every action movie, hospital, and weather station. This Creative Inquiry aims to equip students with the skills to apply machine-learning techniques to real-world problems. Students will gain hands-on experience with machine learning / big data by working on a real-world problem of their choice.

Engineering Biology of Arthropods

MSE 3990 - 002 

The current project focuses on analyzing insect antennae as multifunctional fibers. There is an indication that insects control antennal movements by pumping blood through their lumen, as one would control a robotic arm with a hydraulic joystick. A team of students will study antenna bending and twisting mechanisms, materials and transport properties of antennae and design and manufacture micro-joysticks for neurosurgical applications.

Please view the General Engineering list of CI Projects and follow the instructions to sign up for one of those courses. For a full list of all current projects at the University, visit Creative Inquiry Projects.

Fall 2024 CI Projects

Welcome to Engineering

This workshop introduces students to resources available to them as current General Engineering (GE) students. Students will also have a chance to hear from a panel of upper-level students about life as a Clemson student, life as an engineering student, and learn tips/advice on navigating through their first year as engineering students!

How to Be Successful as an Engineering Student

Learn about study strategies and skills specific to engineering and STEM courses! There will be a representative from the Academic Success Center there and a student panel to allow you to ask questions.

Developing Your Mindset: Continuing Your Growth as an Engineering Student

This workshop will help you learn more about the growth mindset and how it can help you as a student at Clemson! This is a great workshop right before midterms to help you study and learn better! 

Major Discovery Night

Major Discovery Night is a major exploration event hosted with the Engineering Honor Society, Tau Beta Pi. Students meet and network with engineering alumni, who can give insight into careers and opportunities. The engineering department faculty and staff are in attendance to answer questions.

Career Resources

Hours: M-F 8 am - 4:30 pm 
Phone: 864-656-6000

The Center for Career and Professional Development helps students explore majors through one-on-one career counseling appointments, career assessments, and educational tools. Please see the career center website for a complete list of major-related resources.

Visit Career Center

CU Navigate

Dan Haese Profile

Jessica Dan Haese
Mechanical Engineering, '22

My experience with academic advising through General Engineering at Clemson has been absolutely incredible. My advisor knows me by name and is absolutely phenomenal; they always made me feel comfortable and confident in my career goals and in my academics at Clemson.