Greg Varley

WLCC Volunteer

Office: 843-744-2974


Masters, History, Theory of Revolution – Western Connecticut State University, Manhatanville College
Masters, Rhetoric, Rhetoric of Civil War – University of Akron
Bachelor of Science, History, Education – University of Akron

More than 40 years as a teacher, debate coach, and department administrator in NE Ohio and the New York Metropolitan area. Managed a nationally recognized debate program for nearly 30 years. Served as president of the National Debate Coach’s Association. Elected to the National Speech and Debate Association’s Hall of Fame in 1998. Taught summer programs in debate and argumentation at The University of Toledo, American University and The University of Michigan. Taught both Advanced Placement American History and Advanced Placement European History in addition to a specialized research program in the Humanities. Spent a decade as Social Studies Department Head. Two years as a consultant for the New York State Department of Education assisting teachers in curriculum design as well as in the implementation of Common Core standards of communication, debate, argumentation and research. Devoted more than four years to The Friends of the Hunley as a volunteer tour guide for visitors to the Lasch Center and the Hunley. Assisted in the training of new volunteer guides.

Research interest:
Assisting the WLCC professional staff in identification of artifact origins, design and manufacture. Assisting professional staff in placement of recovered artifacts with appropriate Hunley crewman, and to provide historic context for those artifacts.

Publications/Conference Presentations:
The University of Akron, The Rhetoric of Archbishop John Hughes’ Rhetoric Examined through Lloyd Bitzer’s Rhetorical Situation, 1988; The University of Kansas Argumentation and Economics Seminar; The Westchester Council for the Social Studies (Common Core and Debate); John Carrol University, The University of Akron, Ohio Wesleyan University, The College of Wooster, The University of Pittsburgh (debate and argumentation); The Bradley Project (instructional media for debate coaches); The Reporter Dispatch, Gannett Newspapers (judging Presidential Candidate debates).

Professional Societies:
Member: The Society of Historical Archaeology
Member: The South Carolina Historical Society