The Warren Lasch Conservation Center has a very diverse team with team members from all over the world. We welcome research interns. Learn more about internship opportunities with us. 

Stephanie CretteStéphanie Cretté
Director / Research Professor MS&E
Dr. Cretté's research interest include high-pressure techniques; corrosion mitigation; coating weathering and fouling prevention in marine environment; green chemistry; polymer composites; nanocomposites for energy systems and automotive applications. See Dr. Cretté's full biography >
Johanna Rivera-Diaz, ConservatorJohanna Rivera
Senior Con
servator/Collections Manager & Adjunct Professor
Ms. Rivera's main research interest includes theoretical and practical research in the treatment and conservation of waterlogged textiles, as well as new techniques for storage of artifacts in a microclimate environment and preventive conservation. See Ms. Rivera's full biography >

Michael Scafuri, ArchaeologistMichael Scafuri
Archaeologist/3D Metrologist
Mr. Scafuri's research interest include 3D documentation and modeling, visualization of archaeological data, digital reconstruction and site plan development, Inspection and comparative analysis of 3D models. See Mr. Scafuri's full biography >
kimroche.jpgKimberly Roche
Kim joined the WLCC in March of 2020 after working as an archaeological conservator in the public and private sectors in the US and Europe. She is part of the team of conservators responsible for the conservation and preservation of the H. L. Hunley submarine and its associated artifacts. Kim also carries out documentation, examination, research, and treatment for the WLCC’s other contracts. See Ms. Roche's full biography >
Chris McKenzie photoChristopher J. McKenzie
Assistant Conservator
Chris started volunteering at the WLCC in the summer of 2013. He assists with conservation and artifact documentation. He has previously volunteered at the Australian War Memorial, assisting in the small objects lab with conservation and documentation. Chris has a B.A. in Cultural Heritage Management from the University of Canberra in Canberra, Australia. See Mr. McKenzie's full biography >
Claire Achtyl - Historic Preservation SpecialistClaire Achtyl
Historic Preservation Specialist (Built Environment)

Claire is a graduate of the Masters of Science in Historic Preservation from Clemson University and the College of Charleston and holds a B.A. in Environmental Design from the University at Buffalo. Claire began work at Warren Lasch Conservation Center in 2015 to support conservation projects with the National Park Service at Fort Moultrie's Battery Jasper. As part of our conservation effort on cannon and architectural elements under a collaborative agreement with the National Park Service, she leads the team in conservation their efforts at Fort Pulaski National Monument in Savannah, Georgia as well as continuing work at Fort Sumter National Historic Park. Her interests lay in architectural conservation, mainly within metal, plaster, and mortar studies. She also focuses on 3D laser scanning documentation and research of historic architecture at WLCC. See Ms. Achtyl's full biography >
Jacqueline Don jackiedon.jpg

Jacqueline Don rejoined the Warren Lasch Conservation Center as a Preservationist in January 2021. She had previously been a Preservation Intern at the WLCC in 2015 after graduating from the Clemson University and College of Charleston Masters in Historic Preservation program where she was trained in the evaluation and treatment of historic building materials. See Ms. Don's full biography >

Lisa Maria Kasprzok - Conservation ScientistLisa Maria Arslaner
Conservation Scientist
Lisa’s responsibilities at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center include managing the analytical equipment at the facility as well as performing analytical testing (XRF, GC-MS, µ-Raman, FTIR, IC) for internal and external projects. Lisa also partakes in the expansion of sub- and supercritical fluid technologies to cultural heritage materials and objects. Lisa works closely in collaboration with conservators and archaeologists at the WLCC and is involved in many of its external projects. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the American College of the Building Arts where she teaches students about Building Materials and Scientific Methods. See Ms. Arslaner's full biography >
Nicholas DeLong Nicholas DeLong - Maritime Archaeologist
Maritime Archaeologist

Nick joined the Warren Lasch Conservation Center team in October of 2018. He graduated with his Master’s degree in Maritime Archaeology from East Carolina University in 2015. His research interests include naval archaeology, ship construction, 3D documentation, and material culture analyses. His research interests include artifact documentation, 3D documentation and modeling, ship construction, and naval archaeology. See Mr. DeLong's full biography >
Patricia A. Ploehnpatriciaploehn.jpg
Historic Preservation Specialist
Patricia’s responsibilities at the Warren Lasch Conservation Center include the examination, documentation, and treatment of collections managed by WLCC, including conservation objects and outdoor historic cultural heritage. Patricia participates in the creation and implementation of chemical and mechanical treatments for WLCC collections. She also produces, organizes, and maintains object treatment reports, as well as writing grants and technical publications for the conservation center. Her master’s thesis, titled Habitats and Heritage: An Analysis of the Natural and Cultural Resource Management of the South Carolina Lowcountry, performed a comparative analysis of public and private organizations’ management of Lowcountry landscapes for the conservation of natural resources and cultural heritage. See Ms. Ploehn's full biography >
Tatsiana ManderTatsiana Mander
Fiscal tech/accountant

Ms. Mander started volunteering at the WLCC in the summer of 2015. She is responsible for the digitalization of conservation and artifact documentation for the period of 2002-2015. She is assisting with the creation of a comprehensive searchable database accessible in the future by internal stakeholders, students and external 3rd parties. In addition, Tatsiana supports and learns from other projects, activities and research directions across the laboratory. Previously, Ms. Mander worked internationally in educational and industrial settings with a focus on administrative tasks and research services, including work with students and customers. She graduated from the Belarus Institute of Management of Enterprise with a B.A. degree in Management and Accounting in 2001 and lately certified as an Office Assistant by the Canadian Adult Education Center in 2008. Tatsiana Mander has joined the WLCC team, in an official capacity, as a fiscal tech/accountant in the summer of 2018.
katedieringer.jpgKate Dieringer

Kate joined the WLCC in January 2022 after finishing her MSc in conservation practice from Cardiff University. Kate’s responsibilities will include carrying out the documentation and treatment for the WLCC contracts. See Ms. Dieringer's full biography >
Stephen Weise, CURI VolunteerStephen Weise
WLCC Volunteer

Mr. Weise's research interest include learning the design methods and features associated with the Hunley; Determining how the Hunley was operated and any changes in operational procedures over the life of the submarine; and Searching for additional historical records or accounts of the operations of Hunley and the identities and personal lives of the crews. See Mr. Weise's full biography >
Amelia SpadeAmelia Spade
Artifact Illustration
Amelia Spade holds a Master’s of Science in Historic Preservation from Clemson University and the College of Charleston and an undergraduate degree from Auburn University.  She is currently working with Warren Lasch Conservation Center to illustrate the personal artifacts from the H. L. Hunley’s captain and crew.  These scale drawings can then be used for further research and publication.  In the past, Amelia has worked for both the SC State Park Service and National Park Service.  She is also a watercolor artist and children’s book illustrator. 
    gregvarley.jpgGreg Varley
WLCC Volunteer
Greg assists the WLCC professional staff in identification of artifact origins, design and manufacture. Assisting professional staff in placement of recovered artifacts with appropriate Hunley crewman, and to provide historic context for those artifacts. See Mr. Varley's full biography >
Amelia Spade - Artifact IllustrationPaul Ogle Jr
Website Support Volunteer

Paul started volunteering at the WLCC in the spring of 2013. He assists the team with publishing new information and articles pertinent to the WLCC on the website, as well as lending a hand to the conservation and archaeological team as needed. Paul has a BS in Business Administration, with a Minor in History from North Carolina State University.