Clemson University

Archaeologists at the WLCC teach a class on underwater archaeology for the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice at Clemson University. The class is held virtually through smart classrooms equipped with the latest technology located at the Zucker Graduate Education Center.

Current Courses

  • ANTH 4410 – Underwater Archaeology, Fall, Scafuri and Delong

Past Courses

  • ANTH 4990 – Special Topics: Introduction to Underwater Archaeology, Scafuri and DeLong

Past Guest Lectures

  • Anthropology 3310: Introduction to Archaeology. Guest Lecture:  Introduction to Conservation, Rivera

Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs in Historic Preservation with the College of Charleston

WLCC staff have lectured courses for the Clemson University/College of Charleston joint Master of Science in Historic Preservation (MSHP). In addition to these lectures, WLCC staff have also guest lectured for main courses taught in the joint Master program as well as the Undergraduate Program in Historic Preservation and Community Planning at the College of Charleston.  

Current courses 

  • HP 8920/HSPV892: Collection Conservation. Special topic on Collections Management and Preventive Conservation, Spring, Rivera and Cretté

Current Guest Lectures

  • HP8110: Advanced Conservation Laboratory Science, Ford
    • Guest lecture: “Non-destructive Analytical Techniques for Preservation and Conservation,” Cretté
    • “Corrosion and Conservation of Metals,” Cretté
  • HPCP306: Conservation of Historic Materials, Ford
    •  Guest lecture: “Introduction to Corrosion and Metal Conservation,” Cretté

Past Courses

  • HP8920: Digital Documentation in Historic Preservation, Fortenberry
  • HP8920: Preservation Field Studies: St. George’s Bermuda, Fortenberry
  • HP8920: Lowcountry Digital Preservation Institute, Fortenberry
  • HP8920: Brick Studies: XRF and sourcing ceramic clays, Uebel, Cretté
  • HP8920/HSPV892: Warren Lasch Conservation Center: Conservation of Battery Jasper at Fort Moultrie, Uebel, Nasanen, Cretté
  • HP811: Advanced Conservation Science/Advanced Architectural Conservation: Colonial Dorchester, Ford, Bell, Nasanen


American College of the Building Arts

The WLCC is involved in teaching building materials and scientific methods for their investigation at the American College of the Building Arts during both fall and spring semesters. 

  • SCME 201, Building Materials and Scientific Methods I, Fall, Porteous and Kasprzok 
  • SCME 202, Building Materials and Scientific Methods II, Spring, Porteous and Don


K-12 Outreach

While the WLCC is developing undergraduate and graduate courses through Clemson University to train the world’s next generation of leading cultural heritage and historic preservation specialists, the program is also working with the Lowcountry STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Centers to develop programs to introduce K-12 teachers and students to 3D scanning and digital documentation. Every Spring, the WLCC is present at the Charleston STEM Festival (http://www.charlestonstemfest.org/

Outreach Abroad

WLCC staff have taught conservation and archaeology lectures for the Post-Graduate program in Cultural Heritage with specialization in Underwater Cultural Heritage at the La Universidad Externado de Colombia, in Colombia, South America, as well as lectures and field work techniques for undergraduate and master students in conservation at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Conservation in Bornholm, Denmark.