Safety Training

Anyone working in the IBIOE Laboratories where the potential exists for the exposure to cell culture or human blood and body fluids must be enrolled in the Clemson University Medical Surveillance Program. Bioengineering undergraduate and graduate students likely have already registered in the Medical Surveillance program and completed the required research training, including Blood Borne Pathogens and Chemical Hygiene, as part of the online Research Training Modules on The Office of Research Safety's website. However, the training history of all students planning to work in the IBIOE laboratories will be assessed before they are allowed to start working. Contact Mr. Thurmond for initial assessment of safety training, before completing the safety requirements.

Mr. Scheen Thurmond
IBIOE Laboratories Manager

The following online training, forms, and documentation must be completed prior to working in any IBIOE laboratory:

  1. Enroll in the Medical Surveillance Program.

  2. Obtain proof of a Hepatitis B vaccination (can be acquired through Redfern Health Services here), or a signed waiver to decline the vaccination. Contact Mr. Will Mayo at the Joseph F. Sullivan Center for a Hepatitis B vaccine., or 864-656-3076.

  3. pComplete of the following courses through the Office of Research Safety. Some of the training modules will allow a certificate of completion to be printed or sent to Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) via web form. Print a record of completion where possible.

    Blood Borne Pathogens
    Hazardous Waste Management
    Biohazardous Waste Management
    Chemical Hygiene

  4. Complete the following forms and submit them to Mr. Thurmond, IBIOE Laboratories Manager:

    The Laboratory Standard
    Checklist for Research Module Completion
    Employee/Student Safety Checklist

Laser cutter safety rules: Students working in Rhodes 403 with the laser cutter must wear long pants, closed toed shoes, and safety glasses upon entering the lab. Students working in this capacity who are not registered with Clemson University’s Medical Surveillance Program and who have not completed the Research Safety Program are not allowed access to any other IBIOE facilities on the Rhodes 4th floor.