Staff Senate Officers

  • President: Jake Anderson
  • Vice President: Jeff Anthony
  • Past President: Melinda Fischer
  • Secretary: Ryan Real
  • Treasurer: Christy Babb

Standing Committees


Chair: Victoria Perry | Co-Chair: Jake Grove

Acts as support to the other committees by organizing activities such as fundraisers for Clemson Paw Partners, campus initiatives such as the First Responders Appreciation Reception, and events for the Staff Senate itself, such as the Awards Luncheon.


Chair: Victoria Chapman | Co-Chair: Melinda Fischer

Assists the Senate by raising money for both the Staff Senate Scholarship and Employee Emergency Fund.


Chair: Cora Allard-Keese | Co-Chair: VACANT

Responsible for communication between the Staff Senate and all staff. This includes the monthly Staff Senate Newsletter, Senate social media, monitoring the Senate's email, and keeping the Senate's website up-to-date.

Inclusive Excellence

Chair: Alisha Maw | Co-Chair: Jamie Martin

Currently working on initiatives to bring inclusivity and equity to Clemson.


Chair: Kristi Baker | Co-Chair: Beth Newton

Coordinates the election and orientation of new senators and evaluates representation for each budget center. Evaluates Senate bylaws yearly to ensure policies are accurate and appropriate.


Chair: Jeff Anthony | Co-Chair: Stacey Miller

Reviews University policies and procedures as they relate to staff employees.

University Committees, Commissions, Councils and Boards