Goal 4: Enhance Faculty Mentoring and Leadership Development

The purpose of this goal is to establish a pipeline mechanism for improving the representation of women in institutional leadership roles; develop leaders committed to improving the status of women scholars; and provide opportunities for faculty development through mentorship, sponsorship, and coaching.

Following the ADVANCE Distinguished Lecture Series of Kansas State University, a sub-committee of Trailblazers will coordinate and manage the budget for the external networking program. This program will support career development opportunities for women STEM faculty of all ranks (assistant, associate, or, to a lesser degree, full professor) by providing the funding support necessary to invite nationally recognized scholars in their discipline for a two-day visit to Clemson to give a campus-wide talk, guest lecture a class, participate in research meetings, discuss future collaborations, or network with other faculty. Women faculty will be encouraged to invite full professors who can later help with recommendation letters. Because the main purpose is to further women faculty members’ careers, the schedules of invited speakers will include time designated for one-on-one interaction. Each STEM women tenure/tenure-track faculty will be allowed to invite one speaker every four semesters (spring and fall), through an application process, which will entail submitting a statement explaining the credentials of the invited speaker and the value of his/her visit to campus for furthering the careers of STEM women faculty. The Trailblazers will aid in advertising these lectures and in ensuring satisfactory participation.


Drs. Cynthia Sims (Education) with support from Dr. Margaret Ptacek (Biological Sciences), Julia Frugoli (Genetics and Biochemistry), Dianne Perpich (Philosophy) will lead activities related to Trailblazers and mentorship development. Lisa Benson (Engineering and Science Education) will establish working groups for policy changes. Sez Atamturktur (Civil Engineering) will set up and coordinate the external networking initiative.