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Inclusion and Equity

Diversity and Inclusion Staff

Clemson University aspires to create a diverse community that welcomes people of different races, cultures, ages, genders, sexual orientation, religions, socioeconomic levels, political perspectives, abilities, opinions, values and experiences.

Lee A. Gill

Lee A. Gill, J.D.
Chief Inclusion and Equity Officer

“The work of supporting and sustaining equity and inclusion on a college campus has truly been a calling for me. It is who I am, not just what I do.” Meet Lee >


Inclusion and Equity

Guiding the University toward a more inclusive, diverse campus and community environment. Learn more about us and what we do >

Featured Initiatives


The mission of the Clemson University Men of Color National Summit is to close the opportunity gap for African-American and Hispanic males, from cradle to career. The summit brings together approximately 2,000 high school and college students, business professionals, educators, government officials and community leaders from around the country.

Tiger Alliance

Knowledge is power. Clemson University is taking bold steps to help empower, enlighten and develop African-American and Hispanic males. As part of the Men of Color summit, we have introduced a high school component called Tiger Alliance, which includes and involves African-American and Hispanic males from the local area.

Emerging Scholars

The Clemson Emerging Scholars Program helps students from South Carolina’s I-95 Corridor learn what it takes to go to college. We concentrate on academic preparation, leadership skills and the college application process. Students not only stay on Clemson’s campus several times throughout the program but we work with students in their schools and community.



diverse group of people reviewing sticky notes on a wall
The Houston Group

The Houston Group, named for Charles H. Houston who fought for social justice and change, is based out of a preeminent think tank for diversity practices. We create action plans to assist you in meeting your goals, while also assessing your company’s progress and helping you understand its growth. All of our methods are grounded in data, models, and statistics. We conduct, analyze, and implement research into tangible and innovative solutions for corporations and businesses.

Reach out to our experts at The Houston Group for an initial discovery meeting to begin a dialogue. You’ll be taking the first step to make a change in your company.