Analytical Equipment


3D Scanning and Analysis

Breuckmann OptoTOP-HE: The Breuckmann OptoTOP-HE Structured-light scanning system is designed for detailed surface scanning and 3D topography. It produces highly accurate 3D point-cloud data and color texture information that is ideal for artifact surface analysis and 3D modeling. The WLCC used this system for the documentation of the entire exterior hull of the H.L.Hunley submarine, as well as for high resolution scanning of numerous artifacts, designed for documentation, study, analysis and reconstruction of an object or a site.

Faro Focus3D X 330: The Faro Focus 3D laser scanner is designed for both interior and exterior documentation of scenes and architecture with a high level of precision and can be used for a variety of applications. The system can collect 3D point-cloud data in a 360-degree area around the device with a speed of up to 976,000 pts/sec at a range of up to 330 m.

Leica TS02 Plus Total Station: The Leica TS02 Plus total station uses a reflector-less laser to record point, distance, and angle measurements up to a range of 1640 feet.


Photogrammetry is the practice of determining geometric properties from photographic images. This technology is used in a variety of fields including; manufacturing, power, equipment design, engineering, construction, architecture, and archeology.


Scanning Electron Microscope - EDS/WDS

The Hitachi S-3700N is designed for conventional and variable pressure microscopy with ultra large chamber. This unit allows observation of most samples in their natural state, or wet condition, without the need of metal coating. Equipped with an Oxford INCAx-act EDS, and an INCAWave 500i WDS which provide accurate qualitative and quantitative elemental microanalysis.

Micro Raman Spectrometry

This spectroscopic technique is suitable for organic and inorganic materials. The instrument is a Bruker Optics SENTERRA dispersive Raman microscope equipped with 532nm, 633nm and 785nm lasers, 20X and 50X bright field objectives, 10X, 20X, 50X long working distance and 60X water immersion objectives and computer controlled x,y,z mapping stage.

Handheld XRF

XRF is an analytical technique that uses the interactions of X-rays with a material to determine its elemental composition. It is suitable for solids, liquids and powders and is widely used for non-destructive elemental analysis (metal, glass, ceramics, building materials, etc).


The WLCC features two option for FTIR analysis. The HYPERION FTIR microscope is a high performance infrared microscope with transmission and reflection capabilities. It is equipped with Ge ATR and 15X objectives, visible and IR polarizers, fluorescence accessory as well as binocular and video viewing. It has a fully automated motorized stage. The Tensor 27 FTIR spectrometer can rapidly identify, quantify and verify routine samples. It is equipped with the Pike "MIRacle" single reflection diamond ATR accessory.

Ion Chromatography

The Dionex ICS-90 integrated, single-channel, isocratic ion chromatography system can support the use of anion- and cation-exchange columns. Chromeleon® software controls the system and stores data, allowing simultaneous data analysis. The system is also equipped with a Dionex AS40 Automated Sampler able to hold up to 66 sample vials.

Digital Microscope

The OLYMPUS DSX510 digital microscope is an easy-to-use, all-in-one imaging system designed to provide detailed analysis. It features up to 9,000x magnification and enables users to obtain reliable measurement and inspection results. Automated focal stacking allows users to create 3D and all-in-focus images, even for samples with projections. Additionally, the system also allows for the creation of panoramic images by automated stitching.


Compressed Fluid Technologies
  • High Temperature & Pressure Reactors:

    • Supercritical Fluids Technology – CO2 Drying of Organic Materials
    • Subcritical Fluids Technology: Metal Desalination for Corrosion Mitigation
Digital Radiography

Non-destructive X-ray evaluation. Portable Seifert-Eresco MF1 industrial X-Ray source (20-300kV)Non-destructive X-ray evaluation. Portable Seifert-Eresco MF1 industrial X-Ray source (20-300kV), which penetrates up to 3in of steel. Hand held Golden Engineering XRS-3 pulsed X-ray source. (maximum photon energy 270kVP). Portable, battery operated, highly collimated, penetrates up to 1in of steel.


ThermaTech is a unique cleaning system that it is specifically designed by conservators for the conservation of cultural heritage artifacts and structures.