Scanning Electron Microscope - EDS/WDS

Scanning Electron Microscope

The Hitachi S-3700N is designed for conventional and variable pressure microscopy with ultra large chamber. This unit allows observation of most samples in their natural state, or wet condition, without the need of metal coating. Equipped with an Oxford INCAx-act EDS, and an INCAWave 500i WDS which provide accurate qualitative and quantitative elemental microanalysis.


  • ultra large chamber (max 300mm dia.)
  • -25 oC to +50 oC Deben cooling stage
  • Secondary electron (SE) detector
  • Backscattered electron (BSE) detector
  • Environmental secondary electron (ESED) detector
  • Chamber Scope

Advantages of VP-SEM:

  • Possible analysis of vacuum sensitive materials, such as moist, liquid, or out-gassing samples
  • Possible analysis and imaging of non-coated, non-conductive materials with minimal local surface charging
  • Atmosphere within the Specimen chamber can be modified to facilitate examination of dynamic processes (wetting and drying) at high magnifications
  • SEM Paint Chip
  • Paint chip with Lead
  • Localized Elemental Analysis
  • SEM Mapping
  • SEM Image 1
  • SEM Image 2
  • SEM Image 3
  • SEM Image 4
  • SEM Image 5
  • SEM Image 6
  • SEM Image 7