• Product Lifecycle Management Center at Clemson University

Clemson University’s PLM Center is the Southeast’s premier academic consortium with multi-disciplinary education, research, and industry outreach focused on these digital transforming tools and concepts.

Product Lifecycle Management software and processes revolutionize how our industry designs, manufactures, services and operates our products. We are creating a digital thread that unites product configuration, analytical results and operational data. A university program that can research PLM processes and applications, and educate PLM-proficient new engineers, is critical for General Electric’s continued innovation.

The PLM Center at Clemson University develops and applies product lifecycle management computer tools and concepts for education, research, and economic development. Students-faculty-staff will have campus-wide accessibility for learning opportunities. The Center provides outreach to South Carolina's workforce for skills enhancement through training, and to industry with applications/research projects.


  • Foster on-campus and off-campus learning environments for PLM technology through dedicated laboratory(s), workshops, and industry outreach efforts for education (undergraduate, graduate, continuing), research (fundamental, application), and demonstration of product applications.
    • Train the next generation of engineers, technologists, and manufacturing workers with the skills necessary to function in a data-driven, systems-oriented PLM environment through educational programs at all levels.
    • Provide business with training, consulting, and collaborative research activities to advance PLM technologies across industries and drive product innovation in the region.
    • Create a testbed for regional industries to interface their manufacturing capabilities “digitally” at the Center along with their supply chain capabilities and other location-specific information to develop a framework for research, product development, and workforce training.
    • Facilitate mixed software module integration for seamless data flow between systems.
  • Create a PLM Users Community; organize professional functions.