The PLM Center at Clemson University serves the product design and manufacturing industries through fundamental and applied research. The Center offers both core and non-core research opportunities, as well as applied technology transfer activities. Core research programs are developed jointly by the Center's faculty/staff and the assembled PLMC member companies in the following areas...

  • Undertake applied research directed at specific applications or industry sectors
  • Complete basic studies that lead to a better understanding of technology modules within PLM packages and across different platforms
  • Modify existing applications to fit into a PLM framework to leverage current assets as well as legacy data and systems
  • Develop new applications that integrate PLM elements not practiced widely

Non-core proprietary research projects will focus on one or more of the above objectives or a specific application but are carried out for an individual company that is a member of the Center. Non-core projects of special interest can also be developed for a group of PLMC members, or affiliate, companies.

Some companies may also be interested in one-on-one consulting that utilizes Center personnel and/or Clemson University faculty expertise.

  • Top view of cylinder, with xyz markings
    Turbulator rib attached to a side wall in turbine research study
  • View of plane length-wise
    Cylindrical structure with face patterning method for turbulators in turbine research study
  • Diagram showing loops, cooling tower, building load connections
    Digital twin schematic for a university chiller plant and campus building space research study