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These gifts allow University administrators to have the ability to direct funds to where the need is the greatest. Unrestricted gifts allow the University to meet unforeseen needs as they arise and to capitalize on opportunities as they emerge.

To contribute to Clemson’s unrestricted fund, you can mark your gift “where the need is greatest” through any giving method or make an unrestricted endowment.

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Scholarships give our students the opportunity to not just attend Clemson but to thrive here. With comprehensive scholarships, students can more fully engage in academic extracurricular activities, taking advantage of the breadth of opportunities Clemson offers. These funds are also vital to recruiting high-achieving students from around the country – and the world – adding to the ranks of the Clemson Family.

Clemson’s high standing and flourishing national reputation is attracting record numbers of undergraduate applications. Each incoming freshman class exceeds the previous one in academic accomplishment, with average SAT scores reaching historic highs year after year. The student body has become increasingly diverse, and initiatives are in place to continue that trend. Further, the nation’s top student-athletes choose Clemson because of its dedicated and championship-winning coaches, its innovative athletic facilities and its commitment to academic success for athletes.

Clemson must remain competitive in attracting the nation’s most talented students, while remaining accessible to deserving students who simply cannot afford a higher education. The only way to achieve that goal is to offer comprehensive scholarship packages available so these students choose Clemson. A strong scholarship endowment unlocks the potential of all our students — both highly recruited and those who would otherwise be left behind because of financial barriers — creating productive citizens who will become the next generation of leaders.

The success of our scholarship recipients is not only a reward to Clemson University, but to all who have given towards the endowment. Every gift — large or small — matters.

Your commitment makes it possible for Clemson to offer this opportunity to all deserving students, allowing them to reach higher and dream bigger than they thought possible. The ripple effect of your actions will allow our students to take their invincible Clemson Spirit out into the world and make their mark on the future.


Approximately 240 outstanding graduate students hold fellowships or traineeships at Clemson University. In order for a monetary award to be designated a fellowship or a traineeship, it must provide the recipient a minimum of $1,000 for the academic year. Graduate students receive these awards from a variety of alumni, foundation, governmental, individual or industrial sources based on scholarly potential and academic excellence. All fellowship recipients are granted the in-state rate for tuition and fees. Support of fellowships is crucial to students’ success in the Graduate School.

To give toward the immediate scholarship needs of students, click here and make your gift to Scholarship for Scholars.

Click here to search for other scholarships.

If you are interested in creating your own scholarship endowment, call Ann Smith at 864-656-5895.

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Give to a College

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Research, travel abroad, mentoring programs and campus involvement are all part of the undergraduate experience. Undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships and endowed chairs and professorships are several of the funding priorities that are necessary for the success of each college at Clemson. Gifts to the Dean’s Excellence Funds for the colleges – for unrestricted gifts – provide each college with the opportunity to address their greatest needs.

When you donate to Clemson’s colleges, you support our University’s goal of moving Clemson forward – and upward.

Find your college. Find your passion.

College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences

College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

College of Business

College of Education

College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

College of Science

Clemson Emeritus College

Clemson Honors College

Graduate School

Graduate School

Clemson University’s Graduate School promotes superior research and scholarship and provides the highest levels of education and training for students who may pursue careers in academia, government, the nonprofit sector, business and industry. The mandate of the Graduate School is to assist departments in recruiting and supporting outstanding students who will be capable of continual inquiry into fundamental questions in their fields and who can communicate clearly their findings through research, scholarship, teaching and service.

Outstanding graduate students are awarded fellowships – a recognition that the recipient shows high promise in becoming a knowledge expert who can contribute significantly to research, teaching and innovations. Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to nominees selected by colleges and departments based on criteria of scholarly potential and academic excellence. Fellowships are funded from a variety of alumni, foundations, governmental, individual or industrial sources.

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Athletics + IPTAY

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A REAL Plan for Success

Clemson's rise to be one of the nation's top-ranked public universities is due to a fierce commitment to be recognized as a top-tier research institution and an outstanding place to live, study and work. In 2016, the University adopted a new strategic plan, ClemsonForward, laying a foundation that will position Clemson for the next 50 years to make an impact on real issues facing the real people of South Carolina and the nation. Clemson Forever supports these goals through its mission to build a solid financial base of private giving, providing stewardship of those gifts and communicating to donors the impact of their gifts and the gratitude of the Clemson family.

Every college, every discipline within Clemson can use your support. In order to be efficient and responsible with your gifts, we put our focus on ClemsonForward's four strategic goals: Research, Engagement, Academic Core, Living (REAL).


Clemson's academic contributions have earned the reputation of being one of the nation's most active research institutions (Carnegie Basic Classification R1 —Highest Research Activity). R1 universities engage in extensive research that makes a difference in their communities, and their national and international reputations add significant value to the degrees they award.


Clemson will be nationally recognized as a leader in research and scholarship, consistently ranked among institutions with the highest level of research activity.


ClemsonForward will ensure that the University continues to enhance the intellectual journey through engagement opportunities that build a global engagement infrastructure, foster evidence-based academic engagement, enhance opportunities across academic affairs and student affairs, and leverage innovation and Extension campuses to support community and economic development in South Carolina.


Clemson will continue to be recognized as a leader in engagement, encompassing student engagement, community outreach and public-private partnerships.

Academic Core

ClemsonForward will enhance the academic core through interdisciplinary curricula, a new approach to general education and enhanced advising. ClemsonForward will focus on both undergraduate and graduate education.


Clemson will protect and strengthen the academic core, ensuring that it remains perennially ranked among the nation’s top public universities.


ClemsonForward seeks to enhance the University's sense of family by ensuring that all members of the Clemson community feel valued and supported while also increasing the diversity of students, faculty and staff. Success within this area will add value to the Clemson Experience, increase the workplace readiness of graduates, enhance the University's national and international reputation, and improve the recruitment and retention of top faculty and staff.


Clemson will enhance the living environment to make the University an outstanding place to live, learn and work while also increasing diversity and a climate of inclusive excellence.

Building Futures

Within the ClemsonForward strategic plan, Clemson is named as a key enabler. Clemson is committed to building new state-of-the-art facilities, renovating aging structures and creating multi-function spaces that provide a vibrant academic, research, student life and work environment.

We Need Real Help to Move ClemsonForward

It has never been in Clemson's nature to rest on its laurels. This ambitious plan will firmly establish our status as one of America's top universities, but we need private support to make it happen. As alumni and friends of the University, we can make a real difference —ensuring that the history of excellence we have grown to love will continue to grow well into the future. Thank you for considering a gift to ClemsonForward and for supporting this vision for Clemson.

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student life

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Student Affairs

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs creates supportive environments and innovative opportunities to cultivate student learning. Many of the traditions associated with the Clemson Experience are part of the diverse programs and services supported by Student Affairs, making it an integral part of the University. To make sure we enhance each student's Clemson Experience, Student Affairs needs your support. With your help, Clemson can continue to promote self-knowledge, leadership, responsibility and diversity for our students.

Student Affairs Funding Priorities

The Student Affairs Endowment supports a holistic learning environment and gifts are used as needs arise.

The Leadership Circle is comprised of donors who give $10,000 or more annually in unrestricted funds that are directed to the most critical, promising and appropriate areas of need.

The Endowment for the Quality of Student Life is used to fund initiatives that provide a comprehensive and integrated student life curriculum.

The Parents Fund is used to support non-budgeted needs that enhance the educational opportunities and safety of all Clemson students.

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Faculty Support

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Faculty Support

To reach its full potential as a top-tier research institution, Clemson must recruit and retain eminent scholars, teachers and researchers, as well as continue the tradition of excellence established by current faculty.

Distinguished professors and endowed chairs are exemplary scholars and leaders. These positions are the key to attracting and retaining promising faculty members of national prominence for our students, academic programs and research initiatives.

You can invest significant capital in the college of your choice to endow faculty positions. Endowed faculty positions make departments within our colleges more attractive to potential candidates and provide annual income to the faculty members for research, travel and professional development.

To support the immediate needs of the Provost, click here.

To support the immediate needs of the Deans, click here.

If you are interested in creating your own scholarship endowment, call Missy Ryan Penland at 864-979-2152.

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athletics + iptay

student life


Faculty Support