Clemson: Teaching in the Age of AI

A broad array of Clemson units sponsored a January conference on AI and Teaching. For access to conference videos and materials, visit this Google folder. OTEI also developed a resources page that continues to grow.  To start, here are a few suggestions from that page:

Curated Resources for Teaching in the Age of AI


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The resources page is a short list of curated resources created in the form of a “BEST OF” contest. With the huge amount of content on AI, we are surely missing some key pieces but we think you will find this a helpful list to explore. 

Newest AI and Higher Education Framework

Although Educause also appears below, this newest report on “Digital Transformation 2.0” focuses on areas of anticipated change in education, with a useful representation of areas impacted, as well as points to consider as HE moves forward.

Best AI Blog? Ethan Mollack’s One Useful Thing Substack 

Titles in the blog One Useful Thing include  “Reshaping the tree: rebuilding organizations for AI: Technological change brings organizational change” and “An Opinionated Guide to Which AI to Use: ChatGPT Anniversary Edition”, and “A simple answer, and then a less simple one” with a discussion of ChatGPT 4 and a chart of other LLMs (large language models). His most recent column: Signs and Portents, includes information on job impacts and educational impacts!  Ethan Mollack is also one of the creators of the AI video series below. 

Best "all the things in higher education" crowdsourcing: AI in Education Resource Directory. 

Started and edited by Daniel Stanford, this Google doc is extensive; one of our favorite noted resources is from the SUNY AI Toolkit.  Check it out for ideas about assessments! This page on Learn with AI by the University of Maine offers practical suggestions for class. 

Best Introduction to AI Videos: Practical AI for Teachers and Students 

This “interactive crash course” is a five-part video series from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Two experts lead you through some basics on AI, Generative AI, and prompting AI.  The series ends with one video for teachers and one for students. 

For more, see the conference resources.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the AI and Teaching Conference!

Clemson Teaching Excellence Conference 2024, Teaching in the Age of AI, Tuesday January 9 2024. 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Watt Family Innovation Center Auditorium.  Mitch Shue, Keynote Speaker, professor of practice, School of Computing, and Executive Director, AI Research Institute for Science and Engineering (AIRISE).  Sponsored by the office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation, Clemson Libraries, Watt Family Innovation Center, the Center for Career and Professional Development, Undergraduate Studies, and the Rutland Institute for Ethics.