Global Learning Institute for Faculty

The Global Learning Institute for Faculty is a faculty-focused initiative designed to empower and equip Clemson faculty to infuse their teaching and research with global learning. The annual conference is one of the Institute’s signature events and brings together faculty, staff, graduate students, and guests to explore strategies, resources, and opportunities for global learning on the Clemson campus and around the world.

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  • 6th Global Service- Learning Summit

    For the 3rd annual Global Learning Institute for Faculty, Clemson University has partnered with GlobalSL Network to host the 6th national summit for Global Service Learning.

    GlobalSL Network is the only network exclusively dedicated to ethical, community-based global learning. The summit aims to improve quality in community-campus partnerships in the name of global citizenship.     
  • WHO SHOULD ATTEND?                                                                                                                                                                Faculty, staff, community members and students seeking to advance best practices in global learning and community-campus engagement.
    • Ethics for Healt related activities
    • Inclusive community building
    • Praxis in Engineering                                                   
    • Caroline Baillie • University of San Diego
    • Nancy E. Glass • Johns Hopkins University
    • Shailey Prasad • University of Minnesota
    • Virginia Rowthorn • University of Maryland Baltimore
    • Laura Barbas-Rhoden • Hispanic Alliance of Spartanburg

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2018 Global Learning Conference