In an emergency

In an Emergency

In the event of an emergency overseas, study abroad participants should first contact the appropriate local authorities as well as their on-site emergency contact. 

In the event that a student needs emergency assistance:

Step 1: Call local authorities f you are in immediate danger or need emergency medical attention

Step 2: Call your on-site support staff for assistance

Step 3: Notify Clemson University 

Call local authorities: 911 is not the emergency number abroad. Check your AlertTravler app for emergency support services phone numbers. Your US-based phone should be able to call emergency numbers even if it does not have an active service provider(link to phone plans resource)

Call your on-site support staff: Each program has an on-site person whom you can contact for any emergency situation. This may be a Clemson University program director, resident director, or someone in the international office at your host university. Make sure that you know who your on-site emergency contact is as soon as you arrive in your host country. This individual can attend medical appointments as a translator, and ensure that you are receiving appropriate care.

Notify Clemson University: In the case of a serious emergency abroad, students should alert the Clemson University Police Department at 864-656-2222. This number is active 24 hours a day and will active the crisis management plan for staff from the Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad.

Students can also utilize the AlertTraveler app in the event of an emergency abroad. If a terrorist attack, or natural disaster, occurs you will receive a check-in request via email and as a push notification to the app. Please respond to this request within 24 hours of receipt to notify our office. If no response is received, emergency protocols will be enacted. If a student needs to contact the Pam Hendrix Center for Education Abroad they can do so by utilizing the in-app chat feature.