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General Education Re-Envisioning

Announcements (reverse chronological order)

  • 11/01/18: The General Education Committee has shaped and voted on a final version of the student learning outcomes for some parts of the General Education curriculum. (Link to proposal is here.) Information is on the blog. We will be continuing the discussions and re-envisioning of the full curriculum over the coming semesters.
  • 9/24/18: A report on General Education teaching loads by college and competency is available. Link. (Must have Clemson Box credentials to access.)
  • 9/17/18: What is a white paper but a way to stimulate discussion and encourage revision? To that end, we're in the midst of careful change! Faculty provided feedback on the white paper between May and August, and that has led to some new ideas and revisions of the white paper. To understand the changes, the progress guided by the General Education Committee, and to see the revised version, please check out a new blog page. (Information on providing more feedback is also included in the blog.)
  • 5/04/18: A white paper on General Education is available! A link to the pdf is here, and Clemson stakeholders are invited to provide comments via the blog link above or via a survey. The General Education Committee will review the comments between now and end of August 2018.
  • Apr 2018: A keynote on "The Purpose and Promise of General Education" was given on April 12 by Dr. Kate McConnell - Senior Director for Research and Assessment, Office of Quality, Curriculum, and Assessment, AAC&U (Association of American Colleges and Universities). During her day-long consulting visit, Dr. McConnell also met and gave advice to OTEI, the General Education Task Force, and assessment subgroups. 
  • Feb 2018: The Faculty Senate has approved a standing General Education Committee. The Committee will operate as ad hoc via the Committee on Committees in order for Colleges to hold elections in spring 2018 for terms to start in May 2018. The 2018-2019 Faculty Manual will reflect the responsibilities of the General Education Committee when it comes out next fall. The Committee on Committees website provides information, as does a memo sent by Dean Griffin in February 2018. 
  • Jan 2018: Spring 2018 involves continued and focused discussions about general education student learning outcomes. 
    • Phase 1 - Kick-off January 18, 2018. 
      • Collaborative Workshop Session on General Education - See Blog link for more information and handouts.
      • Workshop on Designing Your Course for Student Success - Handouts are available here.
    • Phases 2 & 3 - Featured weeks of discussion from January 22-March 2, 2018 are complete! (Flyer for Phase 2Flyer for Phase 3.) The blog has a page for each topic and is still open for reviewing ideas, resources, and making comments! 
  • Nov 2017: Open Discussions on General Education were held Nov 6 & 9, 2017 with over one hundred faculty and staff attending and participating. Background Readings for November Open Discussions can be located below on the "Readings and Resources for Clemson Colleagues" tab. (A Spark page was sent in late October as an invitation and to provide context. It can be found here.)