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Programs 2023

All OTEI programs and courses provide faculty with extended educational development, based on research.  Completion of programs provides faculty with educational professional development certification, which we provide directly to Digital Measures.

Call for 2023-24 Faculty Learning Community Leaders: All instructors may apply!

Our Clemson FLC program provides faculty learning communities across the university, led by Clemson faculty, to assist peers in learning about and incorporating new, evidence-based ideas into practice. Submit your idea for an FLC!   

Inclusive Teaching Course Design Summer Institute:

Getting ready to work on a course for next year?  We will be offering a summer institute in May.  Stay tuned!For more information on Gen Ed processes, see the Crossings site.


Inclusive Teaching Workshop Series

OTEI offers a workshop series on inclusivity and active learning, culturally responsive assessment, and teaching inclusive content (this is recommended as a two part session).  We are developing "short bites" from this series so that you can bring these topics to a department meeting.  Colleges and departments can schedule any of these topics. Contact OTEI to inquire.

Teaching with Transparency

The Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation offers training in a national program called TILT: Transparency in Learning and Teaching Project to Clemson; the TILT Higher Education initiative is directed by Dr. Maryanne Winkelhmes and supported by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).TILT assists instructors of all ranks in learning about and incorporating new, evidenced-based ideas into their teaching practice.

Clemson TILT supports ClemsonElevate through assisting instructors in offering clear paths to student learning. Participants will commit to making small instructional changes in a course during the academic year.

Assignment Design

A current focus for Clemson TILT is Assignment Design, especially Signature Assignments in General Education.  In collaboration with Dr. Bridget Trogden, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, we offer a Learning-Focused Assignment Design course. You can self-enroll at any time.

Engaging all Learners through Universal Design for Learning and Teaching

Engaging all Learners through Universal Design for Learning and Teaching Facilitated, asynchronous Canvas course.  This course distills the UDL approach into manageable chunks and provides practical teaching advice to implement.  You can self-enroll to access this resource.

Gen Z Learning at Clemson: A Student Learning Project

We are moving to phase 2: students as partners! The goal of this multi-year project is to capture the current state of academic learning at Clemson, highlight and communicate the teaching and learning practices most beneficial to today’s student, and project future directions for course-based learning. The SLP empowers students to take part in the discussions about their formal education at Clemson.  Our intern this fall is assisting us through her research efforts.
You can locate the 2018 Gen Z results and resources from students this page on our current "Gen Z" students

Resources are posted from a student research project covering three semesters of information gathering. Find information on active learning, learning preferences and other topics from Clemson students.  Email to schedule an offering for your college or department.