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Best Practices in Virtual Instruction: Upping your game in Canvas and Zoom

interactive session, you will learn and practice uses of Canvas to build a positive "teacher presence" and improve communication with students through messaging, announcements, and commenting features in speed grader. We will then explore easy strategies to build engagement in class (blended or online) using Zoom features like breakout rooms, polling, reactions, and apps that support student collaboration. All practices connect to the science of learning.
Friday, FEBRUARY 5 – from 10:00-11:00 am via Zoom. Register here for this event

Inclusive Teaching: Culturally Responsive Assessment

This session is part of a series on inclusive teaching. This will be the second in a series of workshops related to inclusive teaching this spring. Learn more about how you can make your assessments culturally responsive -- i.e., "mindful of the student populations the institution serves, using language that is appropriate for all students when developing learning outcomes, acknowledging students’ differences in the planning phases of an assessment effort, developing and/or using assessment tools that are appropriate for different students, and being intentional in using assessment results to improve learning for all students" (National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment, 2017, p. 10).
Monday, FEBRUARY 15 – from 2:30 – 3:30 pm via Zoom. Please register here

Encourage Student Mindfulness for Wellness and Learning

This workshop will provide strategies to cultivate students’ attention and awareness with the goal of increasing engagement in learning activities and supporting student wellness. Monday, FEBRUARY 19 – from 1:30 – 2:30 pm via Zoom. Please register here.

For other sessions, see the "save the date" spring flyer posted below

Programs - 2020-2021

Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) program for 2020-2021

OTEI's FLC program provides faculty learning communities across the university to assist faculty in learning about and incorporating new, evidence-based ideas into their practice. You are already doing lots of new things this year—find your community for support!  For descriptions of the five different groups and more information on applying for the FLCs, please see this flyer. The deadline for applying is Friday, September 11, 2020 . You can apply here .  Notifications on Monday, September 13th.

Teaching with Transparency

The Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation offers training in a national program called TILT: Transparency in Learning and Teaching Project to Clemson; the TILT Higher Education initiative is directed by Dr. Maryanne Winkelhmes and supported by the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).This program assists instructors of all ranks in learning about and incorporating new, evidenced-based ideas into their teaching practice.

Clemson TILT supports ClemsonForward through assisting instructors in offering clear paths to student learning. Participants will commit to making small instructional changes in a course during the academic year.

A current focus for Clemson TILT is Assignment Design, especially Signature Assignments in General Education.  In collaboration with Dr. Bridget Trogden, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, we built an Assignment Design course. You can self-enroll in the course.

Effective Online Teaching for Student Engagement


This course is organized into three modules: Adjusting Pedagogy from F2F to Online,   Designing for Engagement in Learning, and Supporting Learning through Coordination

Each module begins with:

    • A short video on the principles addressed in the module
    • Ideas for practical applications in your online course
    • Summary reflection questions and resources

Faculty will, on completion of this course:

    • Identify ways to adjust their pedagogy from face-to-face to online course delivery
    • Plan development of engaging activities and assignments for an online course
    • Access advice and resources to support online learning, through coordination with Clemson Units

Learning will be demonstrated through reflection activities, discussion with peers, and—finally--through completion and delivery of a successful online course.

Faculty who want to participate should look for the next call in the Clemson Teaching News or email 

Engaging all Learners through Universal Design for Learning and Teaching

Engaging all Learners through Universal Design for Learning and Teaching Facilitated, asynchronous Canvas course starting Jan 18th (contact Dr. Michelle Rogers if you wish to sign up but missed the deadline)

Gen Z Learning at Clemson: A Student Learning Project

The goal of this multi-year project was to capture the current state of academic learning at Clemson, highlight the teaching and learning practices most beneficial to today’s student, and project future directions for course-based learning. The SLP empowers students to take part in the discussions about their formal education at Clemson.

Delivery system was part research, part social and multi-media, and builds into collaborative activities between students and instructors.  The SLP is divided into components that focus on different aspects of learning for students today at Clemson, such as learning environments, informal and formal learning, diversity and inclusion issues, and what teachers can do to respond.

Three classes:

Instructor Ashley Fisk’s English 3040 surveyed Gen Z Clemson students, to learn what works best in student learning practices, teacher practices, and learning environments.  Students completed a literature review, developed and deployed a survey, and interviewed students.  Results were presented at the end of the semester, including for a session at Adobe’s recent Creative Campus Collaboration conference, at Clemson, April 16, 2018 and April, 2019 World Cafe discussion with faculty. Materials resulting from this project are in the Resources page / Course delivery section. 

If you are interested in furthering "students as partners" in education, please contact the OTEI director