Teaching Tools

  • The Clemson Teaching Syllabus Template is offered to help you and as been reviewed by multiple units and reflects university-level policies for an undergraduate course.  Adjust as suits your particular college and department. This template for face-to-face and blended courses is a Word document that you can edit. Click here a graduate student syllabus template.

    The document also “lives” as a page in the Clemson Canvas Commons, so that you can access, import, and edit this document in your own course. Go to your Canvas course and search in the Commons under "OTEI" or "ClemsonTeaching." Templates for online and for graduate courses are coming next.

  • The Clemson Teaching Guide is also updated annually, to bring together information from units across campus that are connected to the teaching mission of the university. Click here for the Clemson Teaching Guide 2019-2020.

  • Are you on the ClemsonTeaching listserv? If not, you can sign up and rreceive notifications of teaching-related events from units across the university. Subscribe to the ClemsonTeaching listserv. Emails announcing events and programs will be sent at the start of each week, no more than once per week. Submit an announcement (coming soon).

  • Looking for help in designing and redesigning your assignments?  A research-based rubric can guide you through the aspects of a transparent design for improved student learning.  We have created a Learning-Focused Assignment Guide and a Learning-Focused Test Guide baserd on the 2016 rubric.

    Citation:Palmer, M.S., Gravett, E., LaFleur, J.(2016, November).Measuring the Transparency of Assignment Descriptions. Interactive session presented at the national conference for the Professional andOrganizational Development Network in Higher Education, Louisville, KY.

  • Interested in creating an accessible, inclusive course based on "universal design for learning" principles? Join Dr. Eric Moore's UDL Course, located in Clemson Canvas.
    For more on Universal Design at Clemson, consult OTEI's UDL at Clemson reference sheet.