Teaching Tools Specific to Clemson

Looking for the university's 2020 Course Models and Blended Learning Playbook& Appendices for Academic Planning? Visit Fall 2020 Academic Models

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The Campus Syllabus is offered to help you add practices and policies of the university to your own syllabus. It is design for easy reading, with icons to help students track topic, and is updated annually for undergraduate and graduate courses. Adjust as suits your particular college and department. The campus syllabus “lives” as a page in Clemson's Canvas Commons, so that you can access, import, and edit  this document in your own course.

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      For the Campus Syllabus canvas page, log into your Canvas account and you can search in the Commons using the tags Clemson and OTEI.
    • Clemson Teaching Guide 2020-2021
      The Clemson Teaching Guide is also updated annually, to bring together information from units across campus that are connected to the teaching mission of the university. 

    • Looking for help in designing and redesigning your assignments?  A research-based rubric can guide you through the aspects of a transparent design for improved student learning.  Take the Learning-Focused Assignment Design course for instructors, in Clemson Canvas. This course prepares you to revise or create assignments using the latest research into assignment design.
        You can self-enroll in the course with this URL:

    • Interested in creating an accessible, inclusive course based on "universal design for learning" principles? Join Dr. Eric Moore's UDL Course, located in Clemson Canvas.  For more on Universal Design for Learning at Clemson, consult OTEI's UDL at Clemson reference sheet or email Dr. Michelle Rogers at