Administrative Pre-Approval Inspection Checklist For Custom Exempt Slaughter and/or Processing

  1. Items Provided By Establishment:
    1. Application for Inspection and Permit Under the South Carolina Meat-Poultry Inspection Law
    2. Permit Fee ($25.00 – Do not submit until requested by SCMPID)
    3. Sewage Disposal Certification
    4. Water Source Certificate
    5. Water Potability Certificate
    6. Plant Drawings
      1. A plot plan that delineates the limits of the official premises, the outline of the building, the paved areas surrounding the building, the route of water and sewer lines leading to the building, and the cardinal point of the compass.
      2. A floor plan showing the layout of the building, with each room labeled to show its function, placement of equipment, location of floor drains and how they connect and leave the building.
    7. Manufacturer Guaranty Letter(s) Certifying Nonmeat Food Ingredients And Food Contact Packaging Materials Are FDA Approved
  2. Items Prepared Jointly By Establishment And SCMPID:
    1. Establishment Operation Hours, SCMPID Form 11A
    2. List of Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds, SCMPID Form 20
    3. Pest Management Program Checklist, SCMPID Forms 25.1 & 25.2
    4. Accepted Meat and Poultry Equipment List, SCMPID Form 33
  3. Items Provided By SCMPID:
    1. Establishment Permit
    2. SCMPID Grant of Inspection, SCMPID Form 12
    3. State Veterinarian’s Letter Authorizing Transportation of Inedibles
    4. Official Establishment Quarantine Notice (Slaughter facilities only)

SCMPID Form 37-C, January 2021