Award Process

When the Office of Sponsored Programs (Pre-award) officially accepts an award on behalf of the University, post-award administration begins with the establishment of a project in the People Soft financial system and ends with final closeout/audit of the award. Post-award functions include the following:

  • Assignment of project numbers in the Clemson University Business System (CUBS)
  • Electronic award notification
  • Distribution of copies of award documents
  • Identifying invoicing and reporting requirements
  • Monitoring expenditures throughout the program
  • Online budget amendments
  • Processing no-cost time extensions
  • Electronic approval of equipment with purchase price of $5,000 or greater
  • Subaward agreements and negotiation
  • Electronic establishment of subaward purchase order and requisitions
  • Electronic supplemental payment on subaward purchase orders
  • Subrecipient Monitoring activities
  • Direct cost reconciliation and facilities and administrative cost reconciliation
  • Invoice preparation and electronic funds draw downs
  • Cash management
  • Financial reporting
  • Federal property reporting
  • Patent and invention reports
  • Foreign travel approval
  • Cost principles interpretation of allowable costs
  • Sponsored Compensation Verification
  • Account inactivation and closeout
  • Facilitate external and internal audits
  • Record Retention and Guidance

  • Upon Award Notification

    The sponsor will inform the University of the acceptance of a proposal with an award. The award notice must be received by Grants and Contracts Administration through OSP before a University project number (expenditure, budget, revenue, etc.) can be assigned. Grants and Contracts Administration will assign an appropriate project number and notifies the PI and appropriate individuals.

  • Prior to Award Notification
    Extenuating circumstances may require a department to obtain a project number for a proposed project before OSP has received the formal award. Principal investigators may submit a Risk Project Approval form (See Appendix) before the sponsor has given formal award notification. Due to the risk involved the request must include the following information:

    • Risk Project Approval Form
    • Copy of Snapshot from InfoEd
    • Copy of Budget for the Risk Amount
  • Notification of Award
    When a grant or contract has been awarded Grants and Contracts Administration will send notification online to the principal investigator. The award notice and all contract documents are electronically transmitted to principal investigators and to the appropriate college/budget center contacts and Office of Sponsored Programs. 

    Some federal agencies and sponsors allow for prior award costs, but many agencies do not. Expenditures should occur within the project timeframe. Costs cannot be honored after the expiration of the grant or contract (end date) unless the sponsor gives an official extension of time.

  • Clemson University Business System Access

    After the initial award notice authorized individuals can access the Clemson University Business System (CUBS) project/grant panels to obtain information about their program(s).