Monitoring Project Performance

In order to assure timely reporting and proper billing for sponsored projects, all charges and adjustments to sponsored projects must be promptly recorded in the accounting system. Accordingly, project directors, grants monitors and coordinators and department business managers should review each monthly grant and contract Budget Status Report upon receipt. If necessary changes, transfers or adjustments are identified during this review, these should be processed immediately (unless they are already in process but not yet posted to the monthly status report). Auditors may disallow late charges, transfers and adjustments to sponsored accounts. Cost transfers for payroll charges processed against sponsored projects more than 90 days after the occurrence of the costs must be accompanied by an explanation and justification approved by the Vice President for Research for the delayed charge or transfer.

Principal investigators or project directors should devote careful attention to the following areas:

  • Budget Categories Closely Controlled by the Sponsor
    Principal investigators and project directors must continuously monitor expenditures to prevent budget category overruns.
  • Controls and/or Requirements for Expenditures of Sponsored Program Funds
    All Clemson University policies and procedures governing the expenditure of general funds of the University also apply to the expenditure of grant and contract funds. When the sponsor imposes additional controls and requirements on grant or contract funds, strict compliance is required. Financial commitments or expenditures should not be made until the grant is officially awarded and accepted or the contract has been fully executed or as provided for under a pending award account (See "Award Process"). Financial commitments or expenditures should not be made after the completion date of the project. If an extension of the project has been requested but official sponsor approval is pending, the department chair may submit a written request for preliminary extension of the project to Grants and Contracts Administration. If the sponsor does not approve the extension, the department must cover additional spending beyond the approved end date.
  • Re-budgeting
    The PI or project director must establish and maintain the operating project budget according to the terms of the original agreement. Because sponsoring agencies differ in their policies for re-budgeting funds, Grants and Contracts Administration does not provide general re-budgeting guidelines. Contact Grants and Contracts Administration for specific guidelines and requirements if re-budgeting is necessary for your program.