Project Closeout

Closeout Process

Grants and Contracts Administration sends an electronic closeout notice (see Download Forms) to the departmental contact 60-90 days before the expiration date of a project to report the project’s imminent closure. The departmental contact should forward copies to all involved and the PI must sign and return an acknowledgement within five days. This letter reminds the PI to begin closing down the project and to promptly submit any remaining applicable costs for invoicing. Principal investigators should review payroll documents to ensure that all persons working on the project are transferred to other funding sources.

Grants and Contracts Administration personnel work closely with the department to close out the project on a timely basis. Departments are allowed 45 days after the end date of a project to finalize costs. This allows time needed by Grants and Contracts Administration personnel to prepare final financial reports after the principal investigator’s documentation is complete. Some sponsors require a final invoice within 30 days of the project end date. If all documentation is not submitted to Grants and Contracts Administration in time to invoice the sponsor within the specified period, nonpayment may result.

Encumbrances Near or After Termination Date

Orders for supplies and equipment must be placed well in advance of the expiration date to ensure delivery and utilization prior to the expiration date. If an item is not received during an award period, it is not considered to be of benefit to the project. Such items are routinely disallowed on audit, even if they were legitimate charges at the time the order was placed. If for any reason equipment that has been ordered in good faith will not be received until after a project has terminated, or will be received too late in the project for effective use, all reasonable effort must be made to cancel the order or to charge the equipment to other funds.