International Student Check-In

Placeholder ImageYou are required by U.S. immigration law to enroll full-time and complete the SEVIS check-in within 15 days of your program start date. Once you have completed these steps your SEVIS record will change from Initial to Active. Your SEVIS record must be in Active Status in order to begin any on-campus work and to be eligible for any benefits including a social security card or driver’s license.

The SEVIS Check-In is completed online through your Student iStart portal. Please read the instructions below to assist you with completing this process:

  1. Arrive inside the U.S. by the start date of classes for the term you've been admitted to.
  2. Enroll full-time in degree required coursework (9 credit hours for graduate students or 12 credit hours for undergraduate students) Remember, only 3 online credits can count towards the full-course of study whether a graduate or undergraduate student and regardless of term.
  3. Visit you iStart Student portal and complete all e-forms within the SEVIS Check-In group under the Orientation Tab on the left. You will need to complete all of the e-forms within the group in order for our office to begin processing your SEVIS check-in.

We recommend you obtain electronic copies of the following documents before starting your check-in process. You will be required to upload these documents as part of the check-in.

  • I-94 record
  • Copy of visa page within passport (please be sure the image includes your entry stamp)

If you experience any difficulty with the International Student Check-In Process, please contact International Services