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4H event

Through our Extension and Outreach, we aim to educate both local and regional youth about the benefits of pulse crops and their nutritional aspects through hands-on courses and workshops throughout the year. 

"Going Organic:Seminar Series” is an educational web series for pulse growers, scientists, food processors, students, consumers, as well as those who are just curious and ready to learn about pulses!

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Social Media is also utilized through our program, we hope to reach a wide domestic and international audience and make pulse crop education more accessible to all.

2022 Extension Event Highlights


Outreach and Extension Grower's Event

Speaker: Doug Moser

May 26, 2022 

4-H Extension Program Workshop

June 21, 2022

4-H Extension Program Workshop

July 12, 2022

 The 4H extension is an outreach program for middle school and high school students from around the state of South Carolina. This outreach and extension event provides the opportunity for these students to learn more about the universities, the departments, majors, and other programs available to them if they choose to further their education after high school. It is a great way to introduce young people to various areas of study that exist within the University system, that they may not have known about or considered an interest before.

South Carolina Commisioners School (SCCS)

July 25, 2022

Students from around the U.S. attended SC Commissioners school at Clemson University, Dr. Dil Thavarajah’s pulse breeding program represented a branch of the CAFLS school at Clemson. 10 Students and 8 staff members attended SCCS with Dr. Thavarajah’s program. Each student specified a certain area of focus that fell within the pulse breeding program.

During the day, the 10 high schoolers were introduced to the basics of organic pulses and common vocabulary used in the scientific field, with a game of bingo, toured the lab and greenhouse, and to end the afternoon were able to get hands on experience following recipes and cooking pulses. The students were broken up into groups of two and given a pulse to table recipe, five different recipes total. Each group of two cooked a healthy ‘alternative’ and learned how pulses can be used in cooking and why the are important to a healthy diet. 


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